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    Wide angle lens help

    The crop factor I have never owns a Nikon camera , strictly canon . One is a cropped body the canon t3I the other is a full frame a canon 5D II I guess that the Nikon D5300 is a cropped body . A cropped body camera doesn't change the mm of the lens .. If I put a 24 mm lens on my T3I its still...
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    Choosing the right ND filter for landscape photography

    Thank you, for the info I was really looking to buy one Filter for my lens because of the cost. I guess I might be buying the whole set .
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    Choosing the right ND filter for landscape photography

    Fred The TSE 17mm lens is extremely wide angle. Hard to get filter adaptors for because of its record breaking field of view . Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens Review Nd filter FotodioX 145mm Pro Ultra Slim Neutral Density WNDPN145-ND1000
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    Best Canon EF or EF-S wide angle and macro lenses under $200

    He said the best ................... The best is the TSE 17mm f4 L lens ..... the tilt shift lens out performs all wide angle and ultra wide angle lenses hand down . The TSE 17mm is the King of wide angle photography . It has no distortion on the edges or corners like all wide angle and ultra...
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    Choose from three options.

    So educate , can you explain these different technics or supply some links to these different technics explaining what they are and how they can be a plus to certain kinds or styles of photography ?
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    Choose from three options.

    Its a thankless job too. personally I get allot of people who say thank you But at times I just don't feel the love.... You know what I mean. I can only say I got nailed on the same stinking word except I miss spelled it Boken, . Damm I hate being corrected, but I had to suck it up, and said...
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    Choose from three options.

    I guess I will have to study up. I have never heard of Notan or Chiaroscuro. I wonder how TSE lenses fit into all these different kinds of technics ?
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    Choose from three options.

    I thought it was spelled Bokeh not Bokah .
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    Choosing the right ND filter for landscape photography

    When I went to buy my adaptor for my TSE 17mm the only 2 companies that carries them. FotoDiox and Lee I called lee first. The guy I talked to was in LA He really wasn't up on the new adaptor and said he would call me back. Week later I called him back, and he had never looked up my info...
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    Newbie DOF question

    Woe is me, You guys cant profile all wide angle lenses, they are not all equal... And not all of them distort the edges .................................. And I don't use a tripod or at least I didn't on these .
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    C&C/suggestions for noob?

    Post photo of you product photography on smooth non metallic subjects ! Let Fred why don't you post some of your product photography of non metallic smooth surfaced products. And for the blind, the ( thingy ) has a cube of billiard chalk in it. Maybe its some kind of chalk holder . I guess...
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    Still life

    LOL You sure are not making points on this photograph. Looks under exposed to me, but I am guessing if the exposure was brighter then the polarized glare line on the back left side of the skull would of been a bit to bright. Color temp looks blue, because the skull if white your best back...
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    portrait shots, what lens should I buy Canon Rebel XSI

    35mm 1.4 50mm 1.4 85mm 1.8
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    New to Photography, Lens Recommendation

    I don't shoot Nikon, all of my gear is canon and I don't know much about Nikon lenses. For climbing I use a EF 100-400 mm MK I lens, the lens used is selling for 800.00 plus and the MK II is running 2100.00. For landscape depending on focal length I use a TSE17mm TSE 24mm normally but any lens...
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    Lens Filter

    Glare or white out is easy to see ... Polarized light is not easy to see but easy to be trained to the point you will know if the light you are working with is polarized or not. Light becomes polarized or partially polarized when its Emitted ( as in florescent lighting ) Reflected Anything...
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    Choosing the right ND filter for landscape photography

    I am planning on buying a ND filter . I have no idea what shade of filter I want, but I own a # 2 nd filter and figure it is a waste of money I was thinking of getting # 10 ND filter for my TSE 17mm runs about 220.00 I guess the right words would be, please (educate me ) on using ND filters...
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    Lens Filter

    I was thinking of hitting up the welding supply store
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    Gettings things panned out

    Cant do that, using it for a door stopper. Several years ago one of the mine managers was out at yard sale's . This one yard sale he went to he noticed that some of the stuff that was for sale had the his mines warehouse part control numbers or tags on them from the mine he worked at. And to...
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    Lens Filter

    Try buying Cpl's and ND filters for a canon TSE 17mm lens. Canon doesn't make a lens hood for this lens because its field of view is so wide . : WonderPana 145 Essentials Kit - 145mm Filter Holder, Lens Cap & CPL Filter for Canon 17mm TS-E Tilt/Shift f/4L (Full Frame) : Camera Lens...