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  1. squirrels

    Nature Photo Workshop/Tours, Experiences?

    I was playing with slow shutter speed bird shots at the beach with my MIL and talking about the "pleasing blurs" talk Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris on bhphoto. She (and I) would love to attend their workshops, but whew $$$. Don't think I could pull off a 3 day extravaganza with hotel and...
  2. squirrels

    80-200 2.8 Push Pull Locked Up

    Hey Guys, My 80-200 push pull locked up at 80 last night. It's an old lens but still newish to me. I'm doing some wishful thinking that there is a focal length lock mechanism that I haven't learned about yet or found by google. Anybody had one of these and want to break it to me gently that the...
  3. squirrels


    Hmmm, I kept thinking I'd submit something for the photo challenge theme for September. Is it bad that I still don't know what month I'm in? Wasn't sure if I was including too much, or if it hohumish, or super cliche, but I liked following the lines. curves Anyway, Happy October! squirrels
  4. squirrels

    Photo night with the girls

    I had the best little photo girls night with my photography pal and a lovely model! Playing with my friend's monolights has given me something new to covet. I wish I'd used better separation/rim lighting, and despite being steeped in creative live, I struggle with good posing direction...
  5. squirrels

    Opening night of local showing tonight! Eeek!

    I'm not really an aspiring professional, but I have been aspiring to put up my work and have people sitting under it drinking lattes and americanos. And thanks to a coffee shop that has always done an amazing job supporting local artists, I'm living the dream! Tonight is opening night, and...
  6. squirrels

    For the birds

    I put this window feeder up and have been trying out different bird seed mixes with no interest from the local wildlife. Until.. And then she settled in. :er:
  7. squirrels

    Follow up to Cycling Event 1

    In follow up to, THANK YOU! I did okay and had a great time! I picked up my rental glass 70-200 F2.8 ED VR 2 days in advance and shot nonstop up to the event to get a feel for it (cars...
  8. squirrels

    Cycling Photography

    So, a friend of mine does cycling photography and has asked me to second shoot a couple events with her. I'll be renting a 70-300 AF-S VR for both rides, picking it up the day before and playing with it to feel comfortable. I know that fast shutter speed is key to freezing motion (she says don't...
  9. squirrels

    Dean Collins is looking down from above and laughing.

    So, I have a flash coming and I ran across the classic Dean Collins Tinker Tubes plans ( We are experiencing a few hiccups based on my level of distraction in the home depot (where the heck did these wrong sized peices come from?), but my...
  10. squirrels

    Selective color out in the world

    This month's photo challenge reminded me that I wanted to share where I saw selective color "in the wild" the other day. I probably wouldn't have minded it, but it seemed...
  11. squirrels

    Trying to learn the basics

    On my only willing subject. :lol: Caught myself pointing my hand to the light the way I point a hand a the wind when I'm sailing and confused. More than once. :confused: Thanks so much for the tethering help guys. C&C?
  12. squirrels

    Self Portraits

    So I finally got a intervalometer. Set it up tonight and did some selfies. Results were a mixed bag with the OCF, setting focus point, model not cooperating, etc. My processing of the NEFs is kind of all over the place too. 1 2 3 The good news is that I learned that once the camera...
  13. squirrels

    What's he smoking?

    There was a tufty tailed creeper bug that living on my bean plants. I brought him in to get a closer look with the extension tubes, because you bug guys are a bad influence. Only what you guys aren't saying is that a bug will just keep creeping around the other side of the bean away from the big...
  14. squirrels

    Fun with Nephew and Long Exposures

    My nephew I had the best time playing with long exposure action shots at the beach. First night he'd hold a pose and move to another pose for several seconds. The second night we broke out the flash and tried painting him with OCF in different poses. He loved playing "Mortal Kombat" against...
  15. squirrels

    Two More Abstract Landscapes

    Slow wave has a feeling that I really :heart: even though there is not a lot in the way of detail to it. If it was a cover on a book, I'd toss it in my beach bag, but instead I'd end up reading something by jowens photography...
  16. squirrels

    extension tubes and reverse ring, google is not my friend

    So I've been playing with el cheapo extension tubes for a while and picked up a reverse mount ring as well. Now I'd like to understand how the focal length I choose for my lens mounted to the extension tubes is effecting magnification and how reverse mounting fits in. I tried google, but could...
  17. squirrels

    A moment of silence for my nifty fifty

    Somehow I came back from outer banks vacation but my 50mm lens did not. Odds are it is lost in the shifting dunes of Jockey's Ridge or in the hands of a car browsing thief. :( Either way, sniff sniff! Unfortunately I lose things (kind of a lot, okay all of the time) and relocate them somewhat...
  18. squirrels

    What's going on in the garden

    Bean Blossom 01 Bean Blossom 02 Tomato Plant I tried to get a good shot of the basil tops that need to be pinched, but it was harder than it should have been to pull off. Plus I really hope they are not too far gone for pesto. :grumpy:
  19. squirrels

    Today I apologized to my wedding photographer.

    We were married in 2006, and my photographer did a great job. He even managed to turn us away from it graciously when we tried to tell him that we could handle post processing ourselves :oops::oops::oops::oops:. Every now and then I think about him when I'm reading posts here and think "That guy...
  20. squirrels

    Emotional Connection: Loving your subject vs. Losing subjectivity?

    Some discussion on another thread started me thinking about how much emotional involvement plays a role in experiencing other people's photos and taking my own. I suspect this has been discussed before and I'm just not searching with the right terms. When I approach a photo I am bringing all...