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    Disc Repair Devices - Do they Really Work?

    Its 1:01am, I am really bored so while surfing the net I have come up with this question.... Do CD/DVD Disc Repair Devices Really work? If you do not know what I am referring to, check out the following link...
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    Photo Stitch - Panorama How-To?

    Can someone point me in the right direction to find some info on how to Take & Stitch Together Photos to form a Panoramic Picture? I have the Canon Photo Stitch Software, is there a better software out there? Whats required to be done when taking pictures to be stitched together??? Any...
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    WTB: (2) Canon 420EX Flash

    I am looking to buy 2 Canon 420EX Flashes... Don't have to be brand new... Email or PM me with your price... Thanks! -iSellJerseyShore
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    First Night Car Shot - Classic Cutlass (~56K WARNING!~)

    This was one of my first attempts at taking some shots of my buddies 69 Cutlass @ night after visiting Cruise Night in DownTown Freehold, NJ... Lets Tear it up with critiques :-) -iSellJerseyShore
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    Cruises & Amusement Parks do they need...??

    OK this may or may not be a silly question, and may have even been addressed before somewhere deep within one of the many "model release" threads..... My question is how come when you go on a Cruise or to a Amusement park they can take your picture without a model release? I know they are...
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    Fireworks - How to Photograph them

    Since 4th of July is this weekend (well Monday) .. I am just looking to gather some tips/techniques on how to capture fireworks... What works best??... Any Tips & Suggestions greatly appreciated... -iSellJerseyShore
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    Best Places to shoot in New Jersey??

    I looking to find some good places in New Jersey to visit to shoot.. I already visit Asbury Park & the local shore areas on a regular basis.... Im open to anying, from abandoned buildings/factories, to historic towns etc... One spot I have on my list is Patterson Falls...
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    My first Night Shots (Attempts) - {56K Warning}

    These are just a few shots from the other night... They are my first attempts at longer exposures with my 20D..... Any criticism welcome :-P #1. First Attempt #2. Second Attempt #3. Thrid Attempt P.S. I accidently left the IS on while I took these pictures on my collapsing...
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    Lens Cleaning How-To? What do you Recommend?

    What are some Tips/Tricks/Techniques for cleaning a lens? Do you suggest using a lens cleaning kit? Use brush, cleaning solution, soft clost what? -iSellJerseyShore
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    Starter Polarized Filter for Canon 20D??

    Whats a good Polarized Filter to use with my Canon 20D? I am currently shooting with the 28-135mm IS USM f/3.5 - f/5.6 lens... I am looking for a decent "starter" polarized fitler.. Any suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated.. -iSellJerseyShore
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    First Sunset Pictures with my 20D - (56K ~Warning~)

    I was just out and about shooting on Saturday down at Sea Isle NJ, this was my view of the sun as it was setting...... -iSellJerseyShore
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    RAW Image Transfer - Easiest Method?

    I have a Canon EOS 20D, what would be the easiest way to transfer the RAW Images from the camera or from the memory card to my computer? Right now I am just sticking the memory card into my printer and then dragging and dropping the folders from my memory card to my Hard Drive...... How do...
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    I'm pretty lazy today - but aparently I'm not alone!! (56K Warning!!)

    I am pretty lazy today from my crazy work schedule & lack of sleep.... Well so it seems my Westie is just as lazy as me today :-) -iSellJerseyShore
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    Home Studios - Gallery/Pictures?

    I have been searching the boards here for pictures of Home Studio setups, but without much luck.. I have found a few, are there any galleries dedicated to Home Studio setups?? :banghead: Are there any threads soley dedicated to posting pictures of ones Home Studio setup? If now how about...
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    Pocket Card or Reference Sheet?

    First off I would like to say that this is my first post on the forum here. I have been searching and lurking on these boards for a while.. I am wondering if anyone may know of a Pocket Card or Reference sheet that can be downloaded and printed. Something that outlines when to use certain...