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    How To Behave On An Internet Forum

    How To Behave On An Internet Forum See The Video At: Internet forums are either a brilliant community where you can meet and chat with new, interesting people, or full of scornful idiots who deserve to be banned from The Net in...
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    Start hoarding your polaroid film...

    Its been all over my RSS feeds today. Polaroid has announced they are phasing out their film division shutting down their factory's and will soon stop production all together. I guess this only leaves Fugifilm. Kinda sad considering my first camera as a child was an old Polaroid.
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    Jumpin in head first...

    I picked everything up in the picture below today from a craigslist add for $100. I am converting an area in my house into a darkroom. Any advice? or good online resources for a darkroom beginner? EDIT: What would be the most cost effective (read: cheaper) b&w film/chemicals/paper to start...
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    Sky Waves

    Clicky for more size options. I took this at sunset. C&C welcome and encouraged.
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    Urban Nature

    I was walking about Prescott, AZ the other day and took quite a few pictures. This one is of a path I found tucked away between buildings. The extremely harsh sunlight proved burdensome and decimated most of my photos. C&C welcome. This image has gone through photomatix. Click image for...
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    Arizona Landscape

    This is pretty typical of the landscapes around here, few clouds + harsh light. C&C welcomed. I left this intentionally uncorrected (except for white balance). Any pointers on how to improve these harsh desert vistas would be appreciated. It seems whenever I improve an aspect another one...
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    Definitely dark...

    Took this with the self-timer going. The lighting was an accident when the piece of paper over the flash slipped off part way. I liked the door opening kinda look.