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    Help with Focus

    How can I get both people in focus...Am I doing something wrong on my camera? I obviously dolled it up a lot to destract them from the fact that there were out of focus! I had to use my kit lens to get close enough to them...I have a 50 mm, but I would end up across the street. 580 ex II 18...
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    Offer "keepsake" CD of images?

    Just about every one of my clients has asked me if I offer a CD of the images from the session. Most just want it for keepsake purposes (they say), and to share via e-mail, myspace, etc. I feel like my print prices are low enough that using the CD for printing elsewhere is not the issue. I...
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    Help with Exposure

    Is there any way to fix this? No I did not shoot in RAW :( I used a flash...When I didn't, the shadows were too harsh on their faces. Either way, editing advice would be appreciated.
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    Editing Help Please

    I need editing help and C&C on these... 1--Just C&C and let me know if it needs anything. Why does increasing the contrast also increase the noise? 2--This one is way too fuzzy...The child was acting like a monkey and just moving around like crazy, but the mom wants a 5x7...I posted before &...
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    Any hope for this?

    This family just had to be on these darn rocks...Editing help desperately needed...I've tried a few different things, any advice?
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    Before I even touch it...

    I was not allowed to use a flash during the baptism service, and this is what I have. I used Shutter Priority, ISO 1600, and Shutterspeed 40. I would like advice and how to edit before I start messing with, and I would also like c&c. Should I have set my camera up differently? I do think I...
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    Help-I need editing advice.

    Not as sharp as I'd like, but this is the best I'm going to get with this baby... Now for editing...What does this need? I'm going to have my lab make my backdrop "white" and get the wrinkles out...Other than that, I want her to look the best possible...This is going to be a pretty large print...