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    Carnie Photog!

    So the towns carnival is here and I'm going to go shoot some carnies. I think this could be a very nice shoot seeing they can't run after me :P. Pics will be added to this thread tonight :DDD.
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    I shot a deer! and some other stuff...

    With a camera... teehee I went to this place called St. Mary university seminary. It's basically like 50 acres of deer. C&C is welcome. The lighting conditions I had were AWFUL! 1. Bridge 2. Deer1 3. Deer 2 (the baby) Not a good technical picture just cute! 4. Dos Deeros 5. & un Flower
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    One photo C&C please :D

    Using a Nikon D40 (thank you Daniel Sach!) with a nikon 55-200mm VR lens. EXIF Info: Exposure Time = 1/4000" F Number = F6.3 Exposure Program = Manual ISO Speed Ratings = 400 Aperture Value = 5.31 AV Exposure Bias Value = +0.67EV Max Aperture Value = F5.66 Flash = Off Focal Length = 200mm Exif...
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    Pirates VS Ninjas

    The ongoing questions such as "can jesus microwave a burrito so hot that not even he can it?" have been floating around for centuries. I'm sure all of you have heard this debate of PIRATES VS NINJAS who would win in a fight. No one knows where it started but I want to know what you guys think...
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    C&C Please

    I feel that this image is ok but is off by a lot and is no means as good as it could've been. I centered the image, but I think it works how it is. Just want TPF's 2 pennies.
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    *Guide to buying the right entry level DSLR*

    Now, I have not been on this forum very long at all, but I have seen over 50 "Which DSLR for an Amateur?" threads. This isn't a bad thing, but It sort of clogs up the forums with the same threads. In this guide you'll find out which DSLR is right for you. I will address Nikon and Canon because...
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    Guide to buying the right DSLR

    EDIT_PLEASE DELETE! Accidental post!
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    C&C Por Favor :D

    So today was my birthday (yay!) All I did was sit around, attempt to get my permit (DMV was closed D:). Then I took some pictures. Remember they are with a point & shoot canon. Images may (probably are) out of focus. Not my fault. Very hard to get a good focus on the camera I'm using. All...
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    Ditching the kit. Which lens suits me?

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a D40. Originally I was gonna just get the kit. Now that I saw I can get just the body for about $160 through cameta I'm ditching the kit lens. What lens should I get instead? Price range is $50-$150. I shoot nature and street. I like shooting in lower light so...
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    C&C--- A day at the park.

    I'm new to the forum and yup, you guessed it, an ameteur! Just wanted some constructive criticism. Only posting two pictures. EDIT: Taken with a point & shoot canon. Bleh. My Favorite And one more that's not so good. Thanks!, Dylan