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    Before/After Need some CC

    Sweet thanks guys :)
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    Before/After Need some CC

    Ya the colors are off. Too cold and dark.
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    #3 is your best shot, and I like it a lot! The only thing I would do is take out a little bit of that sky.
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    Before/After Need some CC

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    Life's simple pet peeves

    Thats fine, but they shouldn't be surprised when there kicked to the curb with attitudes like that. :lmao:
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    ALERT: Scammer on the forum

    I don't believe either of you. LoL But I'd like to hear how you FL_Cat dispute that your merchandise shipped was only 1.10lb's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't think of a whole hell of a lot (camera gear in particular) thats weighs out to that. Lastly as a 20 year old myself I find it...
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    The Old Mid West

    Any more CC would be totally sweet.;)
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    Before/After Need some CC

    thanks :) Any CC peeps?
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    Our new member of the family

    I :heart: this thread.
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    Afterwork Bath **BOOTY**

    Thats one long timer than :) Well good job at capturing a soft side of yourself.;)
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    Our girl Ginger

    Shes laying on my robe, aka me :)
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    Lawyering Process!!

    Well for #2 I'm not saying crop out the folders, because than you would have a handless lawyer. What I am trying to get at is a reshoot of that area, and maybe angle it so the black books are the background. Only because there's not much going on with that white wall.
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    Afterwork Bath **BOOTY**

    Her look and pose seems very natural to me. You did a good job capturing that side of her.:thumbup:
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    C&C Portraits

    Maybe we could offer better suggestions if we could see the original of #2? (In regards to the eyes)
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    A tasteful Lingerie Shoot.........!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you did a good job as the photographer. But like some of the others I can just not get over that face. Sexy is a tease expression...not "dont eff with me". I'm sure it varies for each couple...but her smile could of been used in a more flirtatious manner. Great job for what you had to...
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    Before/After Need some CC

    So I have photoshop now, but to learn the ropes of color correction and so fourth I'm working through aperture. I feel like over the last week I've made some good headway (trying not to blow things out to much). So could you guys give me some pointers? If you'd like to show me what you think is...
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    Deer - Up Close!

    With that said I like #1 the best. #2 Is too cold and #3 to warm.:thumbup:
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    what do you think?

    It's interesting...what made you want to put birds in your water mark though?
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    I hear no Earthquake!

    That is a crazy black eye!
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    The Old Mid West

    I agree. However the wooden pole holding up the fence was about as tall as me (6'0). I tried my best to get a higher shot.