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    A Dedicated Photographer

    That's cool that you support him and encourage him to pursue the arts. Only critique I have is that the glow around his legs and the difference in saturation and colors gives away the 'photoshopedness' of the capture. Great moment though.
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    Trying to sell this picture

    not very good. good luck selling it.
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    WARNING : Blurred photos from Japan

    I like them. The pictures of people in the cities eally work. The others are marginal.
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    First attempt at still life

    nice. Might want to erase the blue tint in the background to make it a nice uniform white.
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    :: Jeweler ::

    D70s allow you to set your focus point wherever you want and it also has a little built in feature called manual focus (kind of retro but hey..). As stated by others use white balance. Nice shot though. Hard to do product shots when the onjects are of varying sizes and colors. One more note...
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    Blah panorama...

    Looks really fake.. prob because of distortion froma wide angle. Also the first is obviously way overexposed/under in areas as you were shooting into the sun. I'd either try to blobk the sun with clouds as you did with better results or time it so the sun is not an issue.
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    End of Day Portrait, Need Advice

    Gold reflector would capture the warm colors. She looks lit by a different light (flash).
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    Party shot....

    At a glance the palm of her hand seems to be too light for the shadows of the rest of the image. Make sit look fake. The rest of it looks pretty good.
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    Very much a novice.

    Crop might help. Not really capturing much.
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    Age of innocence?

    I like C but in all cases I would use a differnet font. Something deconstructed or at least that had more weight to it. Like the contrast of the red with the black and white.
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    Kentucky landscape pt. 1

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    Kentucky landscape pt. 2

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    Fall Foliage

    they look flat because the subject is so far away and nothing in the foreground to grab your eye.
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    Ecke - Rip it to Shreds!

    Couldn't see the original.. but from the toned one it seems to me as if yhour subject was in shadow and your white balance/ISO/etc was reading for the well lit areas in the background. This is a prob with going full auto on the digis.
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    still life critique please

    somebody needs a manicure..little more balance to the lighting..darker on the right. nice shot so far.
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    Where has the music gone? And the 'punch' too, for that matter.

    That's a lot of time to take to shoot garbage. Try the dump. Days and days of shots to be had.
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    Nikon Card problems

    multiple cards..external firewire reader, although it doesn't work through the USB port either. Do you really reformat your card every time?
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    Nikon Card problems

    I've had a few times lately when I've shot a cards worth of shots with my D70... look fine on the camera.. go to dump them the next day on my computer and none of the files work. All are corrupted.. anybody have a similar experience and/or solution. So far I've been fortunate enough to be able...
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    they all look very fake