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  1. JacaRanda

    The Coffee House

    I thought I heard my name. Hello Gary and all you beautiful people. Happy (almost) Memorial Day. I am a new dog owner times two. They were a belated Valentines gift to Wifey and I will bombard you all with photos hopefully soon. Miss you all!!!!! Hmm, am I allowed to post my Instagram?
  2. JacaRanda

    TPF Lurker Update

    Oh shoot. Sidetracked again. :) :) Thanks everyone for the comments. Darn, I forgot to state 'comments, critics, and comedy welcome'. Hi Tirediron. What are you riding? Man oh man, would I love to go riding up in your area. The mountain bike Mecca. Hi Designer, hope you are well. Haaa...
  3. JacaRanda

    The Coffee House

    Ohhh, yes. If I recall, you aren't too far away from San Pedro where folks have been getting lots of great shots of the Peregrin Falcons, and family of foxes. Point Fermin?
  4. JacaRanda

    TPF Lurker Update

    Around this time last year, I started a new hobby born from birdography. I enjoyed (still do) getting up early, loading up the camera gear and hiking miles to get shots of anything alive. After hours of shooting, lugging the gear back to the car became a pain in the rear, buttocks, calves...
  5. JacaRanda

    The Coffee House

    :heartpump: L-Train!
  6. JacaRanda

    The Coffee House

    Sheesh. I read page 2205 and am quickly reminded how freaking, stinking wonderful you all are. A wee bit of watery eyes (most likely from allergies because I am so macho). I heart you all and Wade! Really? CONGRATULATIONS to you and the Mrs.
  7. JacaRanda

    Canon 50mm 1.8 vs 1.4

    Agree the 1.8 was close to junk. One of my worst purchases. Sent from my SM-N930V using mobile app
  8. JacaRanda

    Nikon bargain bin. D300, Sigma 300 f4, Tamron 70-200 (non VC)

    Kudos to your cat. Mine stopped 3 years ago New Years Eve. Sent from my SM-N930V using mobile app
  9. JacaRanda

    All business

    Love it! Sent from my SM-N930V using mobile app
  10. JacaRanda

    October 2016 Photo of the Month Winner

    Super! Sent from my SM-N930V using mobile app
  11. JacaRanda

    November 2016 POTM Winner

    Congrats and wonderful image! Would love to see it print. Sent from my SM-N930V using mobile app
  12. JacaRanda

    Help with Statistics (Lightroom)

    The file management capabilities are seemingly endless. The editing keeps getting better and more useful even since I started dabbling with photography 5 years ago. Lightroom is the reason I haven't learned PS well. Sent from my SM-N930V using Tapatalk
  13. JacaRanda

    2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Finalists

    Meerkat - Frog - Rhinos - Zebra.
  14. JacaRanda

    [october] Social Media Free Month

    I hope not many try this. What I read on social media scares me. Seriously hoping most of those people are inside and stay occupied with social media. :)
  15. JacaRanda

    The Sm4him Memorial Photo Challenge - September 2016

    Wow. I heart this with tears in my eyes. REALLY REALLY WONDERFUL.
  16. JacaRanda

    Gone to the dark side

    Crap, I guess my post is too late. Gotta get in the groove of reading the entire thing again before opening my big.....fingers.
  17. JacaRanda

    Gone to the dark side

    "Ok Google, Call Gary A." Works like a charm :)
  18. JacaRanda

    Tamron 150-600 G2

    Hmmm, maybe just the thing to get my juices flowing again. Shooting at F7.1 - F9 finally got old. Some dude on the East Coast kinda ruined it for me :aufsmaul:. For some reason, I felt I had learned and earned and suffered enough to get an F4 lens or better (skip earned).
  19. JacaRanda

    The Coffee House

    I am lurking and yes, Monaco seems like a wonderful destination for me. Calling to see if I can get dibs at that spot. [emoji8] Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  20. JacaRanda

    Flickr (Yahoo) finally sold ... to Verizon for $4.8 Billion

    Guess what.... I met my Wifey in a Yahoo chat room and we lived in that and messenger until she finally moved down from Canada.