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    loading film...

    so, im use to having a digital cam, but i lost it at a concert. i stil lahte myself...but now, i found my moms pentax, which i showed on here, and i have no clue how to load the film...i got 34mm i think? it doesnt say on the box but i think 30 something. 35 maybe. but how do i load it?? my mom...
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    found an old camera wondering if thats still a good camera, andif anyone knows how to use it....i dont know how to get the film out. cuz im pretty sure all the film is used. i remember i use to play around with it alot when i was littler. and i found it again today...
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    night shots...HELP

    so, ive been trying to play with my camera and crap, i got it on a god setting the other day, i tried it again, it sucked. so i dont get that at all!!!1 but right now, i wanna take pics of my yard, in the rain at night. im just playing around seeing if i can get some kind of pictures. is it...
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    ticked off!!!

    so, im bout to quit photography. i can never get the results i want. NEVER. i thought maybe buying a 8 mp pixel camera would help...but no. still just as crappy as a dang 3.2 something mp camera. the freaking flash makes everything too dark, or reflects off something too bright, and without the...
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    sun pictures

    so...are these any good??? please tell me theyre alright.. and yes they were all out of a moving car...
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    sun pictures

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    sun pictures

    so...are these any good???
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    help with night shots

    so, i got a 8 mp kodak camera, 5x optical zoom, blah blah. anything else you need to know tell me and ill look for it.. so, i was gonna watch talladega nights, but my brother had it in the trailer so i was gonna go otu there and get it, and i look up and thought, "this would prolly be a good...
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    alright so here it is!! yup. it took a while to make and fid songs for it. there are some videos in there, you can ignore em if you want. i dunno. but yeah. this is humphreys trip to mexico! hope you like it
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    finished all my pics

    and someone asked to share em i think, and if not, i will anyway. of my camel in mexico. i took lots of pics. so i decided to make a video with em all, so i couold show friends, and maybe take to school, extra points, ya know. its only 17 mins long, but the file size is 144mb. how can i make it...
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    75 pics...295 mb!

    ok this is retarded. i just got back from the trip from mexico, with pics ad stuff, the pictures are freaking HUGE!!! how can i resize them all?? cuz i REALLY dont wanna go through each one and resizing em. please help!!!
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    first picture

    so...this is my first picture. i saw on..i forgot what board, but someone had like, a bear or something, and they took it to places they went. well, im gonna maybe to that with humphrey...the camel! its bme and my girlfriends camel. we carry it around school and everything so everyone at school...
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    Christmas picture for locket

    so, me and my gf, and a friend maybe, will HOPEFULLY go take some pictures sometime before christmas. I dont have a cam yet, but i might have to buy that pink poloroid and act like its red... i need to know some photography tips. how would i set the cam up? what direction from the sun if its...
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    cheap good camera

    k, since my last camera broke, and no one could help much, i was thinking on getting my parents to get me a new camera for christmas. but we are very low on money. or else id get a xbox 360 or something. so i was wondering whats a really really good camera, thats cheap? im not talking about...
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    help with broked camera!!

    k, so, my camera is an Olympus Camedia digital camera, D-535 zoom, 3.2 megapixels. very sucky. were too poor to get another one. a better one. it does take really good pics if everything is perfectly still. or if the flash is on. but that makes it dark..i dunno how that works. ANYWAY, my screen...
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    request a picture of a girl...

    k, so is it ok to request pics here?? there arent many pretty girls here, or the ones that are prolly wouldnt wanna help me anyway. but i need a girl for my cd cover. ive found what im going to do!! its something like that. but a girl instead of a cat. and the big boxes on the left are a...
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    help with cd cover

    im new here so if this isnt where this belongs, dont hate on me or anything. But in art class, were supposed to make a prduct that we would sell. were not really gonna sell it, but were supposed to make it as if we were going to. so i didnt knwo what to do and the teacher suggested i do a cd...