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    Kitty Portraits - C & C Please

    I'm pretty proud of my work on these, but need to be humbled. Both were taken with a D90, Sigma 18-50 lens, SB-600 providing flash and a whole lot of natural light coming in from a huge bay window behind me. I did some levels adjustments and unsharp masks on both in Photoshop (and was slightly...
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    Serious Post Processing Noob Question (w/ 2 examples)

    I feel fairly confident (sometimes!) in my photography skills as far as taking the actual photos goes, I just know NOTHING about what to do with the photos after taking them. I just got Photoshop CS3 and would like to use it to give my photos an extra touch of pizazz, but I'm thoroughly...
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    Is My Lens Defective? Massive Flare

    Shot with a Sigma 18-50 2.8 Macro without any UV or other filter on. This is my first time shooting at night with it and the flare, obviously, is just unacceptable. And the flare in these shots was actually quite tame compared to some of the others I took. Is this about right for this lens? Is...
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    A Day at the Zoo.

    I spent the afternoon at the zoo today taking some photos. Please let me know what you think of these and what I could have done better, composition or exposure-wise. Also, look at the last two of the same butterfly...which one of the two is better exposed/looks better? Also, how would I want...
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    Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, MI - C&C

    A few of the highlights (if you can call them that) from a bunch of pictures I took at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI, this weekend. In case you were going to say anything about the color, this is a very "warm" place and the white balance was even more jacked before I...
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    D90 + new Sigma 18-50 2.8, wild animal photos

    Just got my new lens in the mail and was taking some pictures around the house of various wild animals. Am loving the Sigma, by the way. All these are unprocessed.
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    Using SB-600 As an Off-Camera Flash w/ Nikon D90

    I'd like to experiment with the on camera flash + the SB600 off camera. I tried reading the SB-600 instruction manual for details, but it didn't make much sense to me. How can I use my SB-600 as an off-camera flash with my D90? Am I correct in my understanding that all I need is an SC-29 cord to...
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    TOTAL Lens Noob - Lens(es) for the Nikon D90?

    I am a total lens noob, so maybe any answer to this should be prefaced by a link to a site or thread that adequately explains the basics of lenses. Namely, why some cost $1000+ while others with nearly the same specs cost $150. Anyhow, Last year I bought a Nikon D40 with Nikkor 18-55 3.5 kit...
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    Upgrading from Nikon D40. D90?

    I currently have a Nikon D40 and am looking to upgrade to another Nikon DSLR. The main things I'm looking for are: affordable price ISO 100 AF compatibility with a wider range of lenses something that will keep me from being back here in a year asking about upgrades from it I've been...
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    Detroit at dusk - unhappy with result - what to do?

    This is straight out of the camera so, of course, I know some cropping and a slight rotation are necessary. My biggest issues, however, are these: I'm unhappy with how the lights in the buildings don't really stand out like they do in other dusk shots I see. Is this simply an issue of...
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    New here + question about city skyline photo locations

    I'm definitely a photography "noob" since I just purchased my first DSLR (Nikon D40) a couple of months ago. This is a great forum and I have gleaned a lot of great and practical information after lurking since then. My question isn't so much about the actual taking of pictures, per se, but more...