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    College Soccer: University of Virginia Vs Duke

    Men's soccer held last night. the game ended in double over time with Duke scoring at the beginning of second over time. UVA pounded Duke all night long and they just got hit when they were least expecting it... :grumpy: All shot with D90 with 70-200mm 2.8 at ISO 3200... very unhappy about the...
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    Junction C&C please

    i went to a local park and found some train tracks :mrgreen:
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    My First shot with D90/Nifty Fifty C&C Please! Nature shot

    just received my D90 and Nifty Fifty and had to get a shot in before the sun went down. i took many pics but only one or two keepers :er: C&Cs are welcome! personally i couldn't get some of the yellow followers to look sharp :grumpy:
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    D80 vs D90

    i have D60 currently which i desperately want to upgrade because the limitation of the lenses i can use. now i've been looking at d90 but the price of a used one is a bit steep. so im starting to look at d80. is there anything i would be missing by going with the d80? i'm semi serious hobbyist...