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    Newbie with New camera needs critique!

    A number of your photos, intentionally or not, use depth of field. I'd read up on DoF and find out how to adjust your camera to get "just that field" depth for a particular photo. Take shots. Lots of shots!
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    What is with all these beginners with $1000+ cameras?

    Why did I, a complete noob, go out and spend over $1,000 for my camera, never mind the glass? Because I could... Neener, neener!
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    Upgrade From A100 to Canon XSi or 40D?

    BruceH - Go get "Understanding Exposure" by Peterson. Worth a $1,000 lens, all by itself. (And I learned more from it that my first Photography class at the local Jr. College.) Read it before Everest!!!
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    love photography but getting very frustrated......

    Do the monthly Photo Challenge on this site or try the monthly Photo Assignments (also here). I took a basic photo class once and one week we had to set our camera to Av and take just Av shots all week (a minimum of 36 shots, or a typical contact sheet), the next we used Tv, next was DoF...
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    Nude Photography: Need Professional Tips

    If you ever need ideas about poses or shots just go here and browse.
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    shutterspeed question

    So 2"5 is 2 inches 5 seconds?? :]
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    Need workshop recommendation

    Try a community college to get the basics and then go from there. And the folks there tend to have lots of suggestions and generally know the area and what's available.
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    idea for an assignment on silohuettes, but i need some help please

    How about reflective tape, long shutter speed and a remote light source? Never tried that myself but now I may have to!
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    Nude Photography: Need Professional Tips

    Maybe the reason Maxjewels never got back to us is becasue he's still shooting... :thumbup:
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    You've got smudges or dust. The pinks are too pink. I'd pick a different background. Love the b/w. That's excellent.
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    suggestion on camera backpack

    Find a nice camera store and check out their inventory. I thought I wanted a backpack but ended up getting a slinger. Am very happy with it. (Don't carry the laptop in it.)
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    Chromatic Aberration

    I've got a Canon 17-85 mm EF-S f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens. Have had it for a while and never noticed any problems. Now, suddenly, I seem to be getting a lot of chromatic aberration. Got me bugged. Any ideas?
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    Fancy a big lens there, muscles?

    I'll take two. And fries, please.
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    What is your position in Photography?

    Somewhere during the past 5 years or so it suddenly dawned on me that there are people out there who have a singular passion. They focus a majority of their time, money and effort into that one thing, and in many cases either seem to be better off for it or happier than the rest of us, or...
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    Got my 40D today, but....

    Come back and tell us how you feel about it after about 1,000 or so shots. (Sounds like you already got the bug. ) I love my 40D. They'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. (Take a picture. It'd be easier!)
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    What size memory stick?

    I was at a shoot this weekend. Had my 2GB in. Shooting RAW. Thank gawd I had my 4GB with me because I ended up using it too. Only time you need a back up is when you need a back up. (And for me, it's rare that I have a backup so this was really, really "special" time.) :]
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    B&H Photo question

    I posted a link to stores in the NY area. Title of the post was Bait and Switch. (US1 made the list. Once you bring up the list, do a search for US1. It's in there.) While some of these may be legitimate start ups most are ... folks you may want to think about before sending them your order.
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    Storing Big lens

    Oh no!! Now I need to buy an airtight safe with silica gel. Hmmm... "But honey! We can store your jewelry in there too!" (does that work?) :lol:
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    Lookin for CC

    Your second one has two challenges that are easily fixed. First you have a depth issue. While not a problem necessarily, family "portraits" generally have a shallower depth of field, allowing both the photographer and the viewer to concentrate on the people and not the composition. Put the...
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    Bait and Switch

    Somebody made a comment about Bait and Switch. Here's a GREAT link.... Incredible what some people will try ...