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    Photo gallery web site

    Hi, I'm going to create my own photo gallery web site. However, I was just wondering if there are any standard picture sizes on the internet. For example what should be the size for: * a thumbnail picture * a large photo (once someone clicks on the thumbnail to view it) I would like the...
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    Zoom vs Telephoto

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what is exactly the difference between Zoom and Telephoto lenses in terms of specifications and application? Thanks
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    Uniform background

    Hello, Would someone give me some tips on how to create a uniform background. For example I have been trying to achieve equally white background, but the back is darker than the bottom (where the object sits). Also the join between the two pieces of white paper is visible. How to make the...
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    B&W photo with some coloured elements

    Hello everyone, Could anyone explain me or give some links to tutorials on how can I make the B&W photo with some coloured elements, e.g. B&W background and the flower in the middle in nice rich colours? Do I need photoshop for that effect or any image software will do? Obvoiusly I have to...