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  1. gigo567

    Bee and Flowers

  2. gigo567

    Blue flower (Don't know the name)

    Yeah, way to lazy right now to put them on my webshots. Maybe later.
  3. gigo567

    Blue flower (Don't know the name)

    So I am happy, why you ask. Well I found a camera, it was at camp when we went on a overnight. I found it and it didn't belong to anyone, what sucked is that the battery was almost dead so I could barely use it until I got home and charged it. (And I was at the camp for a month so I couldn't use...
  4. gigo567

    Careful, birds may be in stall

    Taken at a national park...
  5. gigo567

    Giant cloud...

    So I was coming back from camp after being away for a month and saw this one cloud that was huge. I took two photos of it from the Plane.
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    My parents. We go to Napa alot because we live pretty close.
  7. gigo567


    I was in Napa(California) and took a few photos. They are a little blurry because they were taken from a car. I am only posting two of them.
  8. gigo567

    paradise found

    hmmm... it looks good.
  9. gigo567

    Tonights Moon

    Nice photos. I wish I had a lense that could zoom in close enough to take a picture of the moon.
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    Nice photos. And... tight jeans. I stopped wearing tight jeans a few months.
  11. gigo567

    First Lightning pics

    The first one is sweet. Like AIRIC said I have never seen one like that before.
  12. gigo567

    bumble bee

    Hope you rescued that awesome bee. And nice photo.
  13. gigo567

    Lomo LC-A

    I am wondering, is this a good camera. My dad has this and I have been using it. It costs $200 standard.
  14. gigo567

    Biking part 2, : New dj

    I like #2. Nice photos.:thumbup:
  15. gigo567

    Mercedes Benz commercial.

    Sweet, the first one is cool.
  16. gigo567

    Coming soon

    Sweet shot. Nice sunflower.
  17. gigo567

    Reach to the sky... then touch the ground

    I just noticed the over exposure. The problem is that I can't get my new camera for another 2 weeks and have been stuck with my point and shoot. But thanks for the advice. Summer is coming for me next week and I get out of school. I will be taking a ton of photos. I have been stuck studying...
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    6-6-06 Wisconsin tornados

    Wow, thats crazy.
  19. gigo567

    Why are there finals in middle school?!