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    Did Britney Spears Photoshop Her Poolside Bikini Pic?

    Did Britney Spears Photoshop Her Poolside Bikini Pic?
  2. DrumsOfGrohl

    First Photoshoot

    This was my first photo shoot. The model was a friend of mine, and we just wanted to add some photos to our portfolios. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. #1 Sarah_03-04-2016_(75of540).jpg by Mike Rothschild, on Flickr #2 untitled_03-04-2016_(84of540).jpg by Mike Rothschild...
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    I want to be over there

    C&C appreciated. Obviously, the telephone poles aren't the most attractive in this photo. Also, I really tried centering everything, but for some reason, the side railings don't look even. I see (now) that the left railing enters the frame a 'tad' higher than the right one, but I don't...
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    Looking for my first tripod

    I'm new to photography, so I'm still discovering new styles of photography that pique my interest. I have a Canon Rebel T5, and my heaviest lens is the kit lens (total weight is about 22.38 oz. / 634g). So far, I don't do any portrait work (but I'd eventually like to try it), but I've found...
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    Foot-tappin' music

    Just looking for a little C&C. I'm not interested in photoshopping anything, so I'm mostly looking for critique on my technique, or things that can be adjusted in Lightroom please. I was at a VERY dimly lit bar, and my so my ISO was high, and I threw up some luminosity to eliminate some...
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    Capturing the Dream: A Midnight Slalom of Color and Motion

    Pretty cool video from Nat Geo: NGS Video player Here's the accompanying article: Capturing the Dream: A Midnight Slalom of Color and Motion
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    First time shooting a band, can I charge?

    Hey guys, I wouldn't call me an aspiring professional. Really, I'm a beginner, but I thought this might still be a good place to pose this question. I've never shot a band before, so these are my first photos doing that. Do I have any business asking the band if they'd be interested in...
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    Who's the photographer?

    This might be a trivial question of semantics, but I was thinking about setting up a photo with myself as the subject. I know I could use a timer or a cable release, but I think I might have a friend help me out and take the photo. If I set the picture up, frame it the way I want, and adjust...
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    Street Photography (image heavy)

    I went shooting in Austin with no specific plans, but to shoot with my 50mm 1.4. Here are a couple from the day. 1. Fensed out by Mike Rothschild, on Flickr 2. Small and Bright by Mike Rothschild, on Flickr 3. Ladder and Art by Mike Rothschild, on Flickr 4. Fresh Flowers by Mike Rothschild...
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    B&W or Color?

    I really like the color version of this because of the street art, but for some reason (I can't put my finger on it) the B&W one has a certain charm. What do you think? Also, general C&C is welcome, as I'm new and only have a very little amount of photographic knowledge. Already, I can see I...
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    My First Photo of a Stranger

    I just wanted to share my accomplishment. I'm new to photography, and this weekend I watched the documentary "Everybody Street." I got super inspired to go out and shoot people, so I went downtown and just walked around. I'm still trying to get comfortable with taking pictures of strangers...
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    Nikon announces the D5

    Looks like Nikon is looking to make the new D5 their flagship DSLR. The D4 came out 3 years ago, and this one looks to build upon it. Specs: All new 153-point AF system Full Frame 28MP sensor 12 frames/sec continuous shooting mode Shoots 4K UHD video Extended ISO reaches 3,280,000 (native...
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    Austin Skyline

    Hey guys, this is the first time I'm posting a photo on the forum. You don't have to go too easy on me, because I'm willing to learn and practice. This is also the first time I ever went anywhere with the express purpose of taking photos, so that was a big step for me. 50mm f/1.8 lens #1...
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    Not new to the site, but new to DSLR

    Hey all, I just bought my first DSLR two days ago. Its the Canon Rebel T5, and in addition to the kit lens, I grabbed a 50mm f/1.8 lens. Also purchased was LightRoom. I haven't had a chance to touch the 50mm lens yet, but I messed around for a couple of minutes on the kit lens. I popped off...
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    Shot with an iPhone 6- Apple Photo Gallery

    I'm not sure this counts as an "article," but Apple is pushing a "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign and has published a gallery of photos from across the world taken with the iPhone 6. There's also a little description under each image that picks out the uniqueness of the photo and/or photo...
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    25 Brilliant Images of Rare Beauty

    “The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgable and powerful and f#$%ing furious.” ~ Sophie Heawood What is it to be truly wild? Free? Foolish? Joyous? To laugh in the face of impermanence and flash her your brave...
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    iPhone 6 Photography at the White House

    White House Photographer Uses iPhone 6 Plus to Shoot Presidential Decorations
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    Video: Citizen Chasing Horizons

    Here's an interesting video documenting a photographer's quest to photograph the sunset in every timezone in a 24 hour period while traveling around the world in an aircraft. Its pretty amazing: