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    Some cool critters I shot over the weekend... there were also all taken at Magic Wings.... All shots were taken with the Nikon 105mm Micro lens... I love this lens :thumbup:
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    Some recent macro shots... from Magic Wings

    Magic Wings is a butterfly conservatory in Deerfield, Mass... it's a great place to go during the winter months to brush up on some macro shooting :wink:
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    Bear... at BSRM Railroad

    I was at the backside of the railyard... shooting some macro.... and look who sauntered out of the woods
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    I took a trip to Steamtown - Scranton, PA a couple weeks ago... here's a shot that especially appealed to me...
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    Butterfly Critique

  6. Irishpub3

    Moody Self Portraiture...

    I played around with applying a "Moody" action in photoshop to some of my self photography shots... trying to create a moody look and feel.... comments welcome...
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    Butterfly Critique

    I have been out to Magic Wings (a butterfly conservatory) a couple times in the last few weeks... I'm posting up one of my favorite shots and would really appreciate some thoughts and critique... I'll be going back to Magic Wings in about a month for a photography meet-up, and want to get even...
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    Magic Wings

    I spent a good part of the weekend trying to get back in the swing of shooting macro (the snow is melting TOO fast and so I haven't been able to ride my snowmobile <sniff> :( LOL) The ONLY good thing about spring coming is it brings the bugs :heart: LOL Magic Wings, in South Deerfield, MA...
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    Some macro work from the summer

    I spent most of the summer and fall focusing on macro photography... developed a real love for it =) Here's a couple of my favorite shots...
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    Practicing Portraiture

    I was practicing some "portraiture" shots on cats...
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    My crazy cats

    I guess I was hosting the Kitty Olympics this month LOL
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    A couple shots I've taken from some recent snowmobiling trips...
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    Some recent Macro work

    I'm new to macro work, started over the summer and have developed a real passion for it :heart: ...and I might as well confess right up front - I'm a girl - and I love bugs!! :lol: Here's a few of my favorite shots... I would like to improve and would really appreciate any feedback, tips...
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    Macro Critique

    I'm new to macro work and I would like to improve... I would really appreciate some feedback, tips, comments, etc... thanks!! This shot was taken without a macro lens - I was using a 50mm 1.8 lens and an extension tube. I was trying to capture the vivid green color of the grasshopper, as well...
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    Anyone interested in a meetup in the Albany, NY area?

    Hi all... I'm wondering if there are some members in the NY area interested in getting together for a photo meet-up? I'm thinking anything within a 100 mile radius of Albany, NY is do-able... ?? :D
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    Irish Photographer from NY =)

    Hello everyone... I live in the Albany, NY region... photography has been a passion of mine for many years :heart: A little about my photography... My favorite types of photography are macro, wildlife, and action sports - mostly outdoor stuff!... I have a little bit of published stuff, and...