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  1. scooter2044

    morning on the mountain

    We went to visit my parents over the weekend and we always stop on top of the mountain for a break. The sun was shining through the pines. It was Black Friday and I knew it was the last peaceful moment of the day. I forgot the tripod so I did the best I could handheld. C&C welcome. morning on...
  2. scooter2044

    the lake bed

    The dam where I take many of my photos is being replaced. One side of the lake bed is dry except for a small stream of water. The other side has about 6 inches of water but is overrun with loosestrife. Construction is going to take about 2 years. I am not sure what will happen to all the...
  3. scooter2044

    fall reflection

    I really liked these 2 trees and their reflection in the water. Comments and feedback are always welcome. fall reflections
  4. scooter2044

    make sure you get my good side

    The dam where I take my bird pics is being replaced this year and they have drained all but a few inches of water from the area where most of the birds congregate. It is now a grown up mess of loosestrife (which can be pretty but will take over the lakebed) making it difficult to see much. This...
  5. scooter2044

    the explorer

    I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd like this fall/winter due to work so here's one from around this time last year. This is out on the rocks in the middle of the Susquehanna River. I loved the pop of blue in the middle. the explorer
  6. scooter2044

    Mom...are you SURE I'm not adopted?

    This comical trio was at our local duck pond. Mom...are you SURE I'm not adopted?
  7. scooter2044


    One of a few photos I took of the abandoned York County prison. All the entryways were boarded up or chained so we couldn't get inside. left behind
  8. scooter2044

    A moment of reflection

    This guy was sitting in the perfect spot to catch the reflection of the trees in the water.
  9. scooter2044

    fishing at sunrise

    Taken at a local lake at sunrise. Any tips on dealing with washed out color in sunrise photos would be appreciated.
  10. scooter2044

    what a tangled web we weave

    Took this one a few months ago but one of the few spiderweb photos I have taken that I like. Comments are always welcome.
  11. scooter2044

    My stalker

    the stalker
  12. scooter2044

    over the river and through the woods (fall version)

    It's been a while but thought I'd start posting again. Just out walking around on a fall day. over the river and through the woods (fall version)
  13. scooter2044

    Follow the LIght

    I caught this guy with just a hint of sunlight shining through on him. I almost felt like I interrupted something. Comments and critique are always welcome. follow the light by Sheila Swindell, on Flickr
  14. scooter2044

    early bird gets the fish?

    I don't normally get a chance to get out early in the morning but this weekend I got out to take some practice shots at dawn. Found this guy on the lake as I was getting ready to leave. I guess the early bird really does get the fish. I haven't done much low light photography so C&C would be...
  15. scooter2044

    Trolling the orchards again

    I find it hard to do justice to these orchards with my photos. They are breathtaking to see when they are in full fall color. I enjoy them so much, I am thinking about moving to this area which is only about an hour away from me now. Here are some of the last ones of the season. C & C is always...
  16. scooter2044

    a few fall colors

    The colors were stunning and bright the last two weekends. I'm sure my pictures don't do it justice. Comments and critique are always welcome. 1 autumn4 by Sheila Swindell, on Flickr 2 autumn3 by Sheila Swindell, on Flickr 3 autumn5 by Sheila Swindell, on Flickr 4 endofseason by Sheila...
  17. scooter2044

    a few fawn

    On the drive home the other day, we passed an orchard and spotted these two fawn with their mother happily picking through the apples that had been left behind. So please excuse the electric fence, I couldn't get out of the car without them bolting further into the orchard. They were just too...
  18. scooter2044

    welcome to the neighborhood

    While driving over a limited maintenance (they weren't kidding, the road had washed out to ruts that were sometimes a foot deep) road down from the top of the mountain, I came across this sign literally in the middle of nothing but forest. There were no signs of development around anywhere and...
  19. scooter2044

    first class ride to the Apple Harvest Festival (pic heavy)

    Some photos from attending the festival and in and around the fields. These were taken two separate weekends (one very overcast and dull, and one especially sunny). I have more pictures that I haven't finished editing yet, so I may add more to this thread later. Comments are welcome and...
  20. scooter2044

    Country life

    The weather was pretty overcast when I was ready to leave so I wasn't expecting too much from the day. But later on the clouds broke enough to let some light through and I was glad I decided to go out. I'm hoping to get some critique on these as I really enjoyed finding and shooting these...