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  1. drdan

    Snow Still

    We have still been getting snow in Colorado Springs. Both of these were taken in the last few weeks.
  2. drdan

    Blue Hole

    My sweetie got me scuba lessons for Christmas. I was intending to get into scuba at 16 when I got too girl crazy so now over 35 years later I'm doing it. Had some difficulty with breathing in a too tight rented wetuit so I had to leave off the top. We went to a place in Santa Rosa, NM for the...
  3. drdan

    Difficult Lighting

    Trying to capture the soft, cold glow of the mountains at sunset. Resizing makes it even more difficult but here it is.
  4. drdan

    A nice walk this morning

  5. drdan

    Painted Look

  6. drdan

    Springs Panorama (132KB)

  7. drdan

    Midnight Moonlight

  8. drdan

    Carolina Dawn

  9. drdan


    I took my two grandsons camping at a state park near here last August. It was too hot for me, especially breaking camp at midday in over 100 degree weather with no shade. We generally had a great time, though, fishing, water skiing and "tubing" (being pulled by the boat while on a big float)...
  10. drdan

    September Snow

    Have not been on here for a LONG time. Thought I'd share a pic from mid september with a view of part of Garden of The Gods with Pikes Peak and some fresh snow in the background. This is in Colorado Springs, CO.
  11. drdan

    Moonrise and Redrock

    Moon rising over red sandstone cliffs at Garden of the Gods.
  12. drdan

    Eurasian Dove

    These non-native doves are spreading across the US rapidly. Started seeing them here less than 2 years ago.
  13. drdan

    Spring Day

    We are starting to get some very nice, warm days with a different look to the light (in between spring snows). There was still snow on the ground in places but this was a beautiful, comfortable spring day at Garden of the Gods.
  14. drdan

    Spring Day

    Sorry, double post
  15. drdan

    Carolina Dawn

    I was unwinding from long day and this one from my trip last Christmas caught my eye. A little cropping, a little boost in saturation is all I did. I know you can't see parts well but I like the mood.
  16. drdan

    Beach Sunset

    I took this at Myrtle Beach, SC in Dec 2005. I kept putting off editing it as I could not figure out where to go from here. I ran this through Neat Image as it had a little noise from the low light. I also had to use Unsharp Mask and boost the saturation and brightness slightly to keep the same...
  17. drdan

    Mountain Snapshots

    I was up in the mountains unexpectedly last Sunday and all we had was a little pocket sized Canon (S300). We still got some nice shots, it was a gorgeous mid winter day. We didn't even need a coat most of the day. Snow blowing off Mt Princeton as seen from Trout Creek Pass. Sunset...
  18. drdan

    Some SC Pics

    I was in South Carolina where I grew up over Christmas. Here are a couple of pictures I've had time to briefly edit. A friends house on Lake Murray where I was staying. Cold air made the warmer water produce mist. Two different focus on the same subject. This is Myrtle Beach midday. Oh...
  19. drdan

    A nice walk this morning

    Snapped this while walking the dog at the park this morning. Although there are some thin clouds behind the mountains, the denser clouds around the peak are snow blowing off after some precip last night.
  20. drdan

    Midnight Moonlight

    I've been wanting for years to get up into the high country during a full moon when there is some snow on the peaks. I was up there last night and got a few pictures. Here are a couple. Hopefully I'll get the time to edit a few more. Taken at 3-5 second exposure with ISO manually set to 100 to...