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  1. Gardyloo

    NYC, 1970

    Midtown Manhattan buildings, scanned from a 1970 slide and rendered into B&W due to unrecoverable color shifts. The "stepped back" facades on the buildings reflect a 1916 zoning law intended to allow more sunlight to penetrate into the canyons.
  2. Gardyloo

    Images from the Aleutians, ca. 1980

    I've been scanning old slides for some time now and thought some of these pictures from the Aleutian region of Alaska might be of interest. I worked in the area for several years, but only took my camera with me a few times, so the collection is not as extensive as I'd like, but it is what it...
  3. Gardyloo

    My wife's pictures from Kenya

    My wife passed away a few years ago and I've been reluctant to post some of her pictures here because, well, they aren't mine. But I was looking at them recently and I think they should be seen, so I'm going to post a few from a trip she made to Kenya. The trip was organized by a big...
  4. Gardyloo

    People fishing

    I was a bit surprised that there isn't a theme dedicated to people fishing (or if there is, sorry for overlooking it, and mods please merge this.) Anyway, in case I'm right, let's start. Post your pictures of people fishing - any type and setting. Fishing in the fog - St. Abbs, Scotland...
  5. Gardyloo

    Spanish spring

    Snow- and rain-bound, and still somewhat locked down, my thoughts turn to springs past, including a few March days some years ago in southern Andalusia, as well as a couple in Gibraltar. Thinking of sunnier times and places. Kite boarders at Tarifa Vejer de la Frontera, a white village...
  6. Gardyloo

    Amish country

    Some pictures taken a few years ago in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania One room schoolhouse Rapid transit station Laundry
  7. Gardyloo

    Shadows of the past

    Thought I'd share this image taken from the (massive) city walls in Aigues-Mortes, France (in the Camargue) on Christmas Eve, 1972, during the golden hour. They're playing petanque.
  8. Gardyloo

    Los Angeles County Camera Days, 1960s

    In the early to mid-1960s, Los Angeles County sponsored "camera days" during the summer months. Once a month, operators of a local park (usually in one of the cities within the county) would assist with or permit the building of some backdrops, or deploy fire trucks, etc., to be used as props...
  9. Gardyloo

    San Francisco Chinatown, 1970

    Thanks (?) to ongoing movement restrictions, I've kept working through my massive inventory of old slides and prints, scanning and restoring some as best I can. I thought these images from Chinatown in San Francisco, taken 50 years ago, were interesting. At the time, there was still quite a...
  10. Gardyloo

    Seaports, fishing ports, marinas, harbors

    …or harbours if you will; places where water craft and land-based activities come together. I looked for a suitable existing theme and didn’t find one, but the mods can move/combine this if there is one. To start, a couple from Seattle And a couple of old ones from Scotland What have...
  11. Gardyloo


    So I looked through the list of theme topics and didn't find one that seemed to fit. If there's an existing appropriate thread, mods feel free to move. Markets, marketplaces, farmers' markets, street markets, bazaars, souks... post 'em. I'll start with a mix of quite old and slightly more...
  12. Gardyloo

    Covent Garden, London, 1972

    I've been trying to resurrect some old slides from the 1970s and came across these images from a visit to "old" Covent Garden market in London before it was transformed into a "festival marketplace" and the produce and flower merchants moved to "New Covent Garden" in 1974. Many of the images...
  13. Gardyloo

    Orthodox cemetery, Unalaska

    (Also known as Dutch Harbor, on the Aleutian Islands.)
  14. Gardyloo

    A short trip to the Palouse

    Still more or less grounded during the pandemic, I’ve been fiddling around with pictures of trips past, and thought I’d do a little “trip report” covering a day and a half (net) that I spent a couple of years ago in eastern Washington, in particular the Palouse region in the southeastern part of...
  15. Gardyloo

    Nice kitty...

    More or less a grab shot taken in very low light with no time to adjust the (rather underpowered) camera, but the pose still gives me the creeps. The young lion was about five feet from the side of our vehicle. (Sabi Sand reserve, South Africa.)
  16. Gardyloo

    Scanned images - grain, sharpness, noise

    I've been scanning many many old slides and have some images that I like to make as presentable as possible, but I'm encountering a number of issues that I could use some help addressing. I'm using a 6 or 7 year old Wolverine scanner that has some limitations - some unwanted cropping and...
  17. Gardyloo

    A day in the northern Highlands

    This thread - The Meeting of the Three Waters - inspired me to head to the vault and post some images I took on a day trip into the northern Scottish Highlands a few years ago. I was in Scotland visiting old friends for a few days and had a couple of additional days that became available, so I...
  18. Gardyloo

    Luminar 4 manipulations

    Yesterday on another thread I learned about Luminar 4, an editing program that offers some unusual and fun features. I went ahead and bought it, and have been playing with some of the filters and adjustments it makes possible. It can be used as a stand-alone editor or as a plugin to various...
  19. Gardyloo

    Time lapse

    I've been trying to scan and clean up a ton of old slides and prints, and came across three from (more or less) the same viewpoint in West Seattle, looking back across Elliott Bay to the downtown skyline. Nothing great photographically, but (to me at least) pretty fascinating. 1970 2009...
  20. Gardyloo

    Grandfather cuts loose the ponies

    A monument to the region's wild horses (there still are some) near Vantage, Washington