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    Bee and Flowers

  2. gigo567

    Blue flower (Don't know the name)

    So I am happy, why you ask. Well I found a camera, it was at camp when we went on a overnight. I found it and it didn't belong to anyone, what sucked is that the battery was almost dead so I could barely use it until I got home and charged it. (And I was at the camp for a month so I couldn't use...
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    Careful, birds may be in stall

    Taken at a national park...
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    Giant cloud...

    So I was coming back from camp after being away for a month and saw this one cloud that was huge. I took two photos of it from the Plane.
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    I was in Napa(California) and took a few photos. They are a little blurry because they were taken from a car. I am only posting two of them.
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    Lomo LC-A

    I am wondering, is this a good camera. My dad has this and I have been using it. It costs $200 standard.
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    Why are there finals in middle school?!

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    Reach to the sky... then touch the ground

    Please comment. ^^^Bamboo. ^^^And the Japanese maple leafs touching the ground.
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    Bright moon night...

    Tell me if I should crop it or not. Saw the moon outside and got my camera and tripod. Got a few cool photos of the moon. I think its cool how you can see the outline of the trees because of the moonlight. ^^^Slightly different than the first one.
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    Japanese Maple

    Still stuck using an Olympus Point-and-shoot camera. There is a Japanese maple outside of my bedroom. Its fun taking random pics of it. Full Size: Reduced Size:
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    Took the pic to late...

    I took the photo a few seconds to late...
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    Here are a few pics of my younger brother playing at a tournament. (he is #17) (lacrosse, best sport ever) I had to use my parents digital point-and-shoot camera because I forgot my camera, so tell me anything I should change in the photos using Photoshop.:mrgreen:
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    Help me pick the right camera...

    I still use a film SLR and need an opinion on which of these cameras I should get. They aren't SLR cameras but they are close enough and fit into my $300 price range(well, close enough)...
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    A few flower photos...

    First thread and post on this site. Well here are some photos I took using my film SLR camera (got the photos on my computer using a scanner). How are they? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I am still new to this site.