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  1. GHP

    Maternity Session

    I'm very new at this sort of work but it is proving to be a popular style so I'm trying it out. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  2. GHP

    Baby(ies) Blue Eyes

    Didn't get many shots during this session but I loved this one despite the hand positions because of those eyes!
  3. GHP

    Trying a new technique for skin in PS

    Is it too far?
  4. GHP

    Wireless Triggers

    I'm looking to buy a radio trigger for my studio lights. I know Pocket Wizard seems to be THE name but what do they have over the less expensive brands? Does anyone have a trigger they're very happy with? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. GHP

    A couple of this couple

    From this weekends shoot.
  6. GHP

    Do the boots ruin this shot?

    I keep looking at this one and am not sure about it. C&C is certainly welcome on this one!
  7. GHP

    Candice the Teacher

    Candice is a teacher in Guatemala who is upgrading her education here in Canada. We did a few poses to try to show her 'teacher' side.
  8. GHP


    Hi, new here but have looked into this forum for some time. Here is a shot from a recent shoot to start off. She brought the hat and wanted a few just for fun. Gordon