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  1. rach27

    Starting out: What to charge? How to market?

    Check out other photographers in your area, what they are doing and what they charge... but at the end of the day you have got to decide what your photography and creativity is worth. I noticed in my area that there's quite a few photographers who charge a very low sitting fee and try and make...
  2. rach27

    Wedding Contract- first one, help!

    Make sure your payment terms are covered - what deposit is required (if you ask for one) and when is it due?... and when the complete payment should be made, ie... 28 days before wedding day. If the couple orders prints, images on disc, albums - when payment is required for them and how they...
  3. rach27

    Sunset on the Western Isles

    I liked how the clouds turned out on the portrait one but the landscape one does work better - my parents have it hanging on their wall ;)
  4. rach27

    Sunset on the Western Isles

    Thought I'd just share a couple of my favourite sunset shots from the Isle of Lewis which were taken during a camping trip along the Outer Hebrides. This was the only sunset from the trip but worth it. It was a Friday evening towards the end of the trip, standing in the middle of a vast beach...
  5. rach27

    Hi from Scotland!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm Rachael from Scotland and have been doing photography for over 10 years although not professionally. However; I'm now throwing myself into doing it full-time and am currently in the process of setting up a photography business with my partner ... to be honest it's...