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  1. Soul Rebel

    How Is Everybody?

    Its been awhile since I have been around. Work has taken most of my time and the rest has been spent with my girlfriend. She has many things going on this summer so I have a little more time for a few months. Anyway, I haven't been around and I was curious how you all were doing? Not sure most...
  2. Soul Rebel

    Nikon D50 Compatible Memory

    Im looking to pick up an SD memory card for my D50 and I am curious what exactly the camera can handle? Awhile back I tried a 4GB card and the camera would not recognize the card. I looked online and could not find exactly what I wanted. So....does anybody know exactly what this camera can...
  3. Soul Rebel

    La Push, Washington

    I took these the other day. It was the first time I had driven out there away from work and had a chance to take some photos. Lots and lots of fun. The landscape was amazing.
  4. Soul Rebel

    Wedding Question; Memory Card

    I discussed a price with the couple that wants me to photograph their wedding and they asked me an odd question. They wanted to know what size memory card I would need to take 500-1000 photos. I told them that I had some memory card. What they want is for me to take the photos and then hand them...
  5. Soul Rebel

    Choice Of Lens

    I have a wedding coming up on the 16th of next month and I am starting to get a bit nervous. I had planned on using the 18-55 kit lens that came with my Nikon D50 but after a day of taking photos of my son with my Sigma 17-300 I am starting to have a change of heart. The photos are starting to...
  6. Soul Rebel

    Photo Pricing Question

    I was at work the other day (I work at Rent-A-Center) and we had a customer come in looking at a few things, which included a nice big screen TV. He made a comment about how it would look great hooked up to his computer with the photo editing that he does. I made a comment that I used photo shop...
  7. Soul Rebel

    Cheap Film

  8. Soul Rebel


    I figured since it had been quite awhile since I last posted frequently I would say hello again and give an update on life. Ive got a new job, working at Rent-A-Center. It pays well, which makes up for the fact that we do rip people off in the end. That part sucks but I couldnt pass up the...
  9. Soul Rebel

    Great News!

    So my sister came to me and said a friend of hers wanted to get some senior pictures but the professional places around here charged too much. So I agreed to take this on. This is something I had never done but she said this girl would work with me and help give me ideas. Wrong! We spent most of...
  10. Soul Rebel

    East Beach Sunset

    I took these just about 2 weeks ago. I had spotted a great sunset and by the time I stopped at the house to get my camera and get to this spot I was able to get 10 shots before it got dark. They are a little dark but I happen to like that aspect of the shots. they are...
  11. Soul Rebel

    Baby/Pregnant Photos

    My ex's sister is having a baby and from the sounds of it she could have her baby within the next few days. Since I am short on cash I said that I would take some baby photos as a present since they are both great people and deserve something nice. Well....she accepted but said that she wanted...
  12. Soul Rebel

    Sunset On The Strait

    I took this last night at "The Spit", which is a strip of land that forms the Port Angeles harbor. At the end of this strip is the Coast Guard base. On the side opposite of Port Angeles is the Strait Of Juan De Fuca, which sits between the U.S. and Canada. Anyway, this is the only photo I was...
  13. Soul Rebel

    No Longer Depressed; Heartbroken, Sure.

    I was going to find my thread and add an update but looking for the thread title made, well, depressed. Things have changed since then. A lot of things to be honest. I made it up to see an ex and despite the fact that she is with somebody it was nice to get to see her again. She seems to...
  14. Soul Rebel

    An Evening At The Skate Park

    On my way home I called a good friend of mine to see what he was doing. Turns out he was heading out of town while I was heading in. We stopped at McDonalds to chat for a few minutes and he asked if I had my camera. I didnt but said I could run home and grab it. So we made plans to meet at his...
  15. Soul Rebel

    Skydiving Advice

    My dad was informed last week that a family friend is going to be skydiving for the opening of a new wine place in the area. He knows that I am into photography and said that I should go out and see if I can get some shots. I dont know what will come of this but I want to try and make this as...
  16. Soul Rebel

    Camera Straps

    Ive gotten to the point that I really dont like the strap that came with my Nikon D50. Its uncomfortable and most times I end up wrapping the strap around my arm and carrying it that way. So now I am ready to buy a new one. However, I dont know what to get. I know that TPF has some straps but...
  17. Soul Rebel

    An Attempted Sunset

    I looked up at the clouds and figured today we would have a sunset worthy of a trip with the camera. I am sure we did. Just not where I was at. I dont know how many times I have shown up at this place only to find it filled with thick clouds. Today they were just starting to roll in and happened...
  18. Soul Rebel

    An Unlikely Subject

    I had taken a walk to get some fresh air, gather my thoughts, and take a few pictures. I got nothing. Well, as I walked up to the house I noticed this cat sitting next to my sisters car and had to take a shot. Then another. And then another. The cat was great. Anyway, here are a couple... #1...
  19. Soul Rebel

    Port Townsend Adventure

    I took my mom up to Port Townsend, which is about a 45 minute drive from Port Angeles, and we had a blast. Its one of my favorite places to shoot. I get a chance to get away from the beautiful scenery this state offers and shoot some great looking buildings. I love it. Anyway, this is what I...
  20. Soul Rebel

    Into The Distance

    I also took this at Carrie Blake Park yesterday. It happens to be one of my fav shots. Thanks for looking...