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  1. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Full moon at the beach, Port Dickson Malaysia

    Haven't posted in a while, please check out more and like at: Simages Facebook :)
  2. JoshuaSimPhotography

    What do you think?

    Hey guys, what do you think of the photos on my Facebook Page? > Simages Facebook < Critique, comments, and likes are always appreciated :) ~JSP
  3. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Just a catchup! JoshuaSimPhotography

    Hello Everyone, Just thought I’d say hi, I’ve advanced my photography quite a lot since I’ve been gone. I’ve created a Facebook Page titled: ‘Simages' You can check my photos there: Thanks :)
  4. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Question for Lightroom Experts

    Hi there just dropping in for one question :), I do a lot of batched photos and usually delete a massive amount of them in LR, but the problem is, when I export them i would have deleted half of the photos from the original pics, and I’m left with all these useless photos that i dont need. SO is...
  5. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Goodbye TPF!

    Sup guys, I know I haven't been on TPF for quite some time. I realised something whilst on TPF. And this also happened whilst I was trying to work on my style and technique of photography. I just feel that, if I was to critique others, I was just telling them to copy MY style. Some people...
  6. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Best Self Portrait?

    Is that who i think it is? ;)
  7. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Elements of Tide

    Ahhhhhhhh man, your photos are just getting better!
  8. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Your Daily Advice

    Exactly! Be proud of who you are! But that's kinda contradictory, considering you wanna lose so much weight
  9. JoshuaSimPhotography


    Wow, quite splendid indeed, the fluency of those lines are very swift, I can see why it caught your attention. These are one of those pics that you could hand in an art gallery, nicely framed, on a huge print. My cc, I don't know why, but it feels that it looks better If it was turned Landscape...
  10. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Best Time of day to take pics?

    Besides the golden hours, a good time is when the sunlight isnt to thats when its like 12-3PM
  11. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Moon Abstract

    Haha, its okay thanks anyway, and also, i do know what you mean about incorrect terminology, breaks my heart every time I see a hipster call their instagram photos 'photography' :P
  12. JoshuaSimPhotography

    My First Peircing

  13. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Moon Abstract

    I mean...the comment wasn't directly at you. And as I said, i do have an understanding of what abstract is, and I know what abstract is. As i said there are different meanings to the word... And I just realised, nobody critiqued my pic :( even after so many posts, i swear this happens every...
  14. JoshuaSimPhotography

    No word association?

    '50 shades of grey' ;)
  15. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Harsh sunlight question

    Just wondering guys, Whenever pointing my camera towards a subject that is lit with some harsh sunlight, the colours seem to wash out and it just ruins the quality of the pic. SO&#8230;what do you guys do to counter this? Do you use a polariser, nd filter, lens hood, etc? I dont really wanna use...
  16. JoshuaSimPhotography

    No word association?

  17. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Moon Abstract

    Charlie, u said it. Looks like i&#8217;ll have to tell u the story behind this. If u dont actually know, there is a thing called &#8216;context&#8217; and &#8216;abstract has MANY different situations where its context changes. Here for example, i didn&#8217;t choose the context &#8216;where it...
  18. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Moon Abstract

    O nice, really? I actually haven&#8217;t seen that!
  19. JoshuaSimPhotography

    Post a photo of a photographer taking a photo! Photoception!

    Ohh, haha! was this shot in film?