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  1. superasian

    Anyone know any good documentaries?

    Any kind! Historical, political, cultural, crime, nature -- I'm not picky. I've become sort of a night owl since my dog got surgery (6:00 a.m over here as I'm typing this, blah) and I've started picking through the documentary section of Netflix... Appreciate any suggestions if you guys have...
  2. superasian

    Please help me win this contest? You just need to vote! (:

    Wasn't sure if I'm in the right sub-forum, but thought it was the best bet c: Anyway, I entered a photo contest and was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to help out! I'm probably far from winning -- only have 40 votes or so right now -- but I've entered and should probably give it...
  3. superasian

    The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show -- need help narrowing down!

    Hey guys! I took these on my summer trip to Alaska (Aug 7 - 21). My sister and I went to watch the Lumberjack Show when we made port in Skagway. It was definitely entertaining (and a great stop for some awesome action shots c; ) and worth it! Anyway, I took a whole bunch of shots and narrowed...
  4. superasian

    Printing preparation in photoshop question? Profile assignments, CMYK, dpi .. what?!

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but as the title states, I need some help with prepping for printing! I was editing a dozen or so photos to put up on the web, and after editing in Lightroom I imported to Photoshop to finish editing. However, I saved them all as .png.. my...
  5. superasian

    Mount McKinley, Denali Park, Alaska

    Yes, sorry, I'm one of those people who edits several, essentially, identical looking photos and just cannot make up their mind as to which one they should keep/upload :blushing: I'd love any feedback, and if you have a favorite from the batch, please let me know! As I said, I'm very indecisive...
  6. superasian

    Hello from New York!

    Hello everyone! My name's Julia. I'm from Long Island, but attend college in Maryland where I'm pursing a degree in writing seminars & public health. I got my first entry-level camera, the XTi, in 2006 and just upgraded to a T3i in January! ... of course, I should've known Canon was going to...