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    Dark Room Pocket Doors

    I made my darkroom walls and doors in my basement out of heavy duty contractor black trash bags from a hardware store. A very inexpensive solution! And it works great!
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    Which film do you use?

    I shoot with kodak TMAX...because well I like the way it looks and feels :) I have also used some ilford that I enjoyed but I liked the tmax better (just my opinion) I was film shopping too a while ago and you can spend hundreds but I just stick with Kodak because of the price and quality...
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    Help with flash website

    I need some help with making a flash website. I have everything working but I do not know how to display my photos. I have done some google searching all day and I can only find how to take a swf file or a premade flash photo gallery and put it on a html website. All I want is a few thumbnails...
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    Random shots from yesterday C&C

    The last one is a little soft but I really like the composition!
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    Photography Scholarship

    I am currently working on a BFA in Photography and the cost of college is out of control. I have been searching and searching for art and/or photography scholarships. I found one or two but I was wondering if anyone knows of any scholarships, art, photography, or even specifically film...
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    Processes for Photographic Paper

    Yes you need to wash after the Fix bath. I wash for about ten minutes. When developing times may differ for what chemicals you are using. For me: Ilford paper developer--- two minutes Kodak stop----thirty seconds Ilford rapid fix---two minutes Wash---ten minutes Putting the bulb you show...
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    Photographic Paper Recommendations

    No it is not printer paper. Photographic paper is light sensitive paper that in a darkroom you project your negative from the enlarger. So you will need to buy this kind of paper for your pinhole camera. Also you will need a darkroom to develop the paper in. I would suggest Arista paper from...
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    Arista Premium 400 or Kodak TX 400

    they are both essentially the same film. Freestyle just repackaged it under its brand name (Arista). I like spending the extra for the real thing. But if you are on a tight budget you cannot beat the dollar a roll Arista. The Kodak will most likely give a little better results. I suggest buying...
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    Fresh out of the Darkroom

    Thank you. I agree it bothered me too. I wish I would have pulled back more. Thats a good suggestion on scanning. I'll have to try it
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    Bryce Canyon and Zion Nat'l Park (C&C apreciated!)

    I really like number four. Except for the object or whatever it is coming into the frame on the left. I like the shadows on the hills. you captured the light pretty well.
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    Fresh out of the Darkroom

    I have not posted anything since I started shooting film. So I broke down and decided to scan a few of my prints. My scanner is HORRIBLE and is by no means a photo scanner. The real prints have much better contrast and tone. The blacks are richer and the whites are brighter. But I just...
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    Shawnee, Ohio Film: Tmax 400
  13. Cloths Pins

    Cloths Pins

    Eastern, Ohio Film: Arista Premium
  14. Bottles


    Shawnee, Ohio Film: Tmax 400
  15. Corn


    Eastern, Ohio Film: Tmax 400
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    What time of day is best for outdoor portraits in the fall?

    Any time the sun is rising or setting. The light is best then and you get shadows which add to your photos
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    Keeping out the light.

    I build my darkroom with heavy duty plastic trash bags from home depot. Works perfectly. Used black duct tape and its light tight. I would suggest this. Its cheaper than buying cloth.
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    B&W Film/paper suggestions

    Yes the Arista Premium is good. I haven't personally used Kentmere but I have heard good things. I would try it and see what you think.
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    B&W Film/paper suggestions

    I would recommend buying from Freestyle they have there "own brand" (its actually just repackaged name brand. I have shot the Arista Premium (which I think is tri-x or something of the sort) It is a pretty good film for two dollars a roll. They also have a Legacy brand which is some Fuji film...
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    my pin hole camera pictures

    This is really cool! Great job. I've always wanted to try this. It looks like a double exposer infrared.