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  1. Einstein

    Insance Cliff Jump in Bermuda - first photo sequence

    here is my first ever photo sequence, my camera laged and skiped a frame right before he splashed... bummer. I am going to try and copy one of the stills of him, flip it and put it in the gap. do you think this is cheating...
  2. Einstein

    It's Teusday, you should get away

    Post pics of places you would rather be right now. Of course these must be your own photos. Disclaimer: This idea was blatantly stolen from here, an increadibly awesome blog site. Awesome landscape wallpapers : theCHIVE I'll start out.
  3. Einstein

    Morning Run and a Few Beach Shots

    A few recent shots. Im just getting back into shooting after a winter off and gong through the dreaded error 99 saga on my 30d. Im loving it and have a new lens coming this week, its gunna be a good one i think. c&c welcome 1 2 3 4
  4. Einstein

    B&W Long Exposure Ocean Shot

    This is probly only the second shot i've taken that i felt would look good in B&W and the first one that i really like. First time converting B&W image in LR 3, I tried playing around with the settings a bit but dont know what im doing so C&C welcome.
  5. Einstein

    Busted Lens Help Me pick a replacement

    The Canon 17-85mm f4 USM that came with my 30D has finally kicked the bucket. A second hand 17-40mm f4L has popped up in my local classifieds and i need your help to decide between the two options below. Price difference is negligable on both so it is really its a question of quality vs...
  6. Einstein

    Light Painting

    Two from my first time light painting, it was awesome (not me in the shots) 1 2
  7. Einstein

    New Moon no werewolves

    my first moon shot, is it too small to catch the eye or do you think the colors and sliver shape of the moon make it an interesting shot? C&C always appreciated!
  8. Einstein

    Bermuda Sunsets - Long Exposure Fun!

    First time using Lightroom 3 to pp raw files and loving it! CC always appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  9. Einstein

    Bermuda Longtail Landing

    Bermuda Longtail coming in for a lading at its nest on the rocky limestone cliffs of bdas coastline 1. 2. 3.
  10. Einstein

    Fish from land series

    Some fish shots from the rocky coastline of Bermuda. Loving my new polorized filter! 1. Parrot Fish 2.Gar Fish 3. Feeding Frenzy I have never seen anything like this. This school of fish made up of all different species came down the coast line going from reef to reef feeding on...
  11. Einstein

    Great Post On the Rules Of Composition

    From a great photographer, i learned allot and hope it helps you as well. It's also worth checking out the home page of this website because their "Photo Of the Day" is usually awesome. Basic Composition for Photography -
  12. Einstein


    This is a pigsty down the road from me. Its really creepy and smells bad. I don't think i captured the eeriness of it but am happy with some of my shots. C&C always appreciated! 1 2 3 4 5
  13. Einstein

    Unfinished Church HDR

    These are my first attempts at HDR using photomati. C&C appreciated, thanks! 1 2 3 4
  14. Einstein

    World wide photo walk Bermuda

    Here are some shots i took on a Bermuda leg of the Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk. C&C is always appreciated! for more info about the world walk check out Scott Kelby's Third Annual | Worldwide Photo Walk Enjoy! 1 2 3 4 5 6
  15. Einstein

    Help! Dust on the inside of my lens...

    There is a large visible piece of dust inside of my lens. I noticed it stuck there but when i went to clean it i realized its on the inside! Its big, it almost looks like a feather. Is there any way to open a lens or clean out the inside? well for a pro to? Edit: its a canon efs 17-85 usm 4-5.6
  16. Einstein

    Before and after, C&C and RAW advice please!

    Here are 3 shots. The before pics are jpegs straight from camera and the after pics are edited from RAW using GIMP. I have issues with each of them and would appreciate harsh C&C on all of them. 1. I thought this was a good subject for selective coloring. 2. I cropped, saturated...
  17. Einstein

    A few for C&C

    First Shots in a while. No cropping or processing done yet. I just moved in to a new place and want to try printing some photos to put up so any real cnc would be appreciated. Edit: Before i print any i would like to do some pp, and im pretty new to it so any suggestions on what i could do to...
  18. Einstein

    Three for C&C Please

    3 for C&C. 1. Slat House 2. 3. Lighthouse and moon. Hand held and 40mph+ winds so i was happy to get a fairly clear shot on this one. I have done some PP on 1/2 and im not so sure about 3. I tried something different here. I appreciate your honest C&C, thanks!
  19. Einstein

    Flowers and a couple bugs C&C

    Here are a few for Comments and criticism. Please be honest as I want to learn quickly and know I have a long way to go. These are my first seious attempts at pp after having read up on it a bit. I am using gimp and mainly cropping, and playing with color balance saturation, contrast and...
  20. Einstein

    B&W In Camera Vs. PP?

    How do you capture your B&W images? Are their advantages to setting the camera to shoot in B&W or does it make more sense to shoot color and PP to B&W?