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  1. Andie

    Eagles on the Cedar...

    Well, not perfectly in focus, but that was probably due to the shivering (it's about 3 degrees here today and REALLY windy) Will be trying again when it warms up a little bit :) EDIT: Just looked at Raymond's a few threads below and I can only wish mine could be 1/4 as good as his.... :) 1)...
  2. Andie

    January Whitetails

    Just a few shots from yesterday... same county park in Wisconsin as I've posted before. The deer are VERY curious and will stop to check you out, but if you move too much or walk towards them they are gone. I was in the car for pics #1 and #2. C&C welcome as always :) 1) 2) (same guy as...
  3. Andie

    New Year's Day Trip to the Park

    Once again there were many furry little creatures willing to pose for me... 1 - 2- 3 - 4 - **Lightened and Replaced last picture! :)
  4. Andie


    What you lookin' at? :lol:
  5. Andie

    Now, on to the light meter...

    Getting my list ready to take care of my lighting situation. I am going with the Alien Bees beginner bee package to start. Now, light meter. Does anyone have any experience or any feedback on this particular one? It's pretty inexpensive compared to the other ones, but I'm hoping this would be an...
  6. Andie

    Studio Flash advice needed!

    I know the first advice I would get would be to spend more money... but at this point I don't have it to spend. I was looking on eBay and found these 2 sets...
  7. Andie

    My backyard

    Sunday in my backyard I heard the little birds going crazy. I looked up in the tree and saw this handsome fellow. I've been able to get a few pictures before and our DNR man said he's a Coopers Hawk. edited to add that I live right in the middle of a medium to large city! :)
  8. Andie

    Photoshop HELP!

    I've been running PS 7.0 without incident for about a month and a half. All of a sudden now when I try to run it, it starts to load and then nothing :(. Anyone have any clues? I don't have the disk here but may ultimately have to reload it.
  9. Andie

    Playing with the lights

    My sweetie is going to go "flash blind". He has patiently been my guinea pig as I've been trying setting on my camera and working a little with some new lights I got. Came up with this shot while we were playing and I really liked it.
  10. Andie

    Photshop 7.0 vs Photoshop Elements 5.0

    I am pretty new to Photoshop and am currently using Photoshop 7.0. Would it be worth my time and money to buy PhotoShop Elements 5.0 (for $49.99)? Or am I pretty well covered with 7.0, until I can save up for CS? Thanks!
  11. Andie

    A rare capture

    It's not a spectacular photo, it's out quite out of focus... but I've captured something QUITE elusive... a SMILE from my 17 year old son! He NEVER does that! :) (and he would kill me if he knew I posted this!)
  12. Andie

    Wisconsin Whitetails

    Once again they came out to say hello. This park is home to many whitetails and they are pretty curious. Suppose they feel safe where they are. This was the nicest of the bucks we saw. Also a few pictures of the does. 1) 2) 3)
  13. Andie

    Angel eyes

    Must be the full moon... or I have way too much time and Photoshop :)
  14. Andie

    Moon over the Cedar

    We had a beautiful moon tonight so I decided to try to take some pictures... not to easy. Most came out awful - I like this one, but it's not perfect. Will have to work on it before the next full moon :)
  15. Andie

    Home made studio lighting

    I found a link somewhere that had steps to creating inexpensive studio lighting. I know it involved those yellow industrial looking lights from menards, and it had certain bulbs listed... I thought I saw it somewhere on, but I've been searching and have come up empty. I was...
  16. Andie

    The Angel

    This didn't seem like "Darkside Gallery" material, she's just to bright. I was sort of amazed at how much she stands out from the background, like she was PS'd in - but she wasn't. This was one of my favorites from my picnic in the cemetary the other day..
  17. Andie

    The Black Angel - My first step to the Darkside...

    The Story of The Black Angel at Oakland CemeteryAsk anyone in Iowa City about the Black Angel, and you will hear a different spooky story from each one, mostly revolving around touching or defacing the statue and subsequently suffering injury or death. The Black Angel is an imposing 8.5 foot...
  18. Andie


    My new neice, in deep thought......
  19. Andie

    American Elk

    I think this one wanted his picture taken... strike a pose..
  20. Andie

    In the woods, part 2

    Whitetails in Wisconsin...