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  1. Ginu

    Immage contains no data issue/error

    Well... finally I got this nice error on one of my SD cards and have no idea if its even possible to restore the immages. In total I might have about 2000-3000 corrupt immages on a SD card. I have 99% of the immages backed up on a laptop so this is not a big issue, but wondering if there is a...
  2. Ginu

    WTS: Nikon 70-300D ED

    Lens has been sold. Thanks for looking. I got a mint barely used Nikon 70-300D ED for sale. It comes with front and rear caps, hood, box, warranty card and manual. Looking to get $225 for it.
  3. Ginu

    Is it a good camera bag?

    I would suggest to go with whatever you think its comfortable. When traveling comfort is key; just make sure it will hold all your camera and gadgets and off you go. Fiery orange is to visible for me. If you will be traveling in some shady areas I would suggest something which does not look...
  4. Ginu

    Perfect camera bag for my Dad?

    I love my Crumpler 7 million dollar home so I will suggest a Crumpler Here is a of the bag just to get an idea what it can carry. If you take out all the inserts, it becomes a nice bag for everyday use.
  5. Ginu

    Nikon lens and remote control

    Time to downsize and sell what I don't use. Brand new never used Shoot ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for Nikon D7000, D90, D5000, D3100, D60, D80 Acts as a wireless shutter release capable of instantly triggering the shutter without disturbing the camera. Recommended for taking pictures...
  6. Ginu

    Dust in lens

    Hey guys, I need some advice in regards to my one year old 18-200 AFS lens which has some dust on the inside at the telephoto end of the lens. Should I take it back to the place where I bought it from or should I contact Nikon to see what options I have? I know this is not a air tight lens, but...