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  1. MelissaMarieImagery

    Need some help pricing a job ASAP!

    Hey everyone, long time no see! So the other day a friends mother approached me- she is an interior designer out in Dix Hills on Long Island, NY which is a very upscale community with large homes and mansions (one of which she lives in herself). She asked me to photograph one of the Mansions...
  2. MelissaMarieImagery

    Missed My D90!

    My camera was broken for quite some time. I brought it in around Thanksgiving to be fixed and they said 2 weeks -- it turned in to over a month. I missed thanksgiving, christmas, the first winters snowfall, and the seconds, new years eve, but thankfully it's back! I caught the first blizzard of...
  3. MelissaMarieImagery

    Where I've Been Plus "Second Shooter" At A Friends Wedding (C+C)

    Hey everyone! Long time no chat :) Things have been very busy on my end, I recently quit my job at Target Portrait Studio for a better studio job over in the mall. It's still the same concept, photographing families/babies and then selling collections of photos to them after, however this job is...
  4. MelissaMarieImagery

    Avast Matey, Land Ho! (Rubber Duck C&C)

    Had another slow day today, I've been feeling REALLY creative this week! Hope you guys like these :) Also, why do my photos seem to lose their vibrancy when I upload them to Photobucket? 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. MelissaMarieImagery

    Please Help A Family In Need

    Hey guys, I wanted to share this story with you about a friend of a friend of mine who has been diagnosed as Terminally Ill with Breast Cancer. She doesn't have much longer. Here are the details. There comes a time in peoples lives, where they need a helping hand. Thank you for taking the...
  6. MelissaMarieImagery

    Polly World Series - My First Attempt At Still Life

    I know there are a lot. You don't have to C&C all of them... or any of them I suppose. Maybe just pick your favourite? I've put up 3 different threads with photos and got no responses on 2 of them, and only a few on the other one, hopefully this thread wont flop like the rest. Just to let you...
  7. MelissaMarieImagery

    All Aboard!

    A day at the docks, enjoying some sun before the Hurricane hits I included a few of my favourite images, and you're welcome to view the whole day (108 photos) here on my photobucket. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  8. MelissaMarieImagery

    Fog Filter C&C + Opinions

    Got my first Fog-Filter yesterday, don't know how I feel about it. My dad had it and handed it off to me as well as some lenses, and I gave it a shot today. Thought I would share a few images, and if there is any C&C or just opinions on the like or dislike of the fog filter, feel free to share...
  9. MelissaMarieImagery

    Bikers at the Bar

    A Day at Grizzly's Sports Den watching "Hooker" perform. A few shots from the day, hope you guys like them. Would love some feedback. Also-- when I upload photos they become desaturated when I put them on photobucket -- any help would be appreciated as many of my shots are much more vibrant...
  10. MelissaMarieImagery

    Blurry Nights

    Just something I was toying with, slow exposures, handheld, and out of focus - was wondering if you guys had any opinions on them. Basically - the worse combination in photography haha, but I think the results were interesting visually :)
  11. MelissaMarieImagery

    Hey! :)

    Hey there! Decided to sign up and participate in these wonderful forums. I'm 20 years old, a Photographer from NY, I went to The Fashion Institute of Technology for 2 years and am a credit away from my AAS degree. I have a Nikon d90 and love to photograph my surroundings. Anywhere I go, my...