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  1. SrBiscuit

    Backfocusing D90

    Hey everyone... Packed up my D90 to be sent out for a checkup. It seems to be backfocusing a LOT (and I've missed one too many good shots because of it). Initially I had heard that this was, more often than not, a function of the lens...but after testing it on 3 of my lenses, I am thinking it...
  2. SrBiscuit

    HDR article on CNN...

    HDR photography: Love it or hate it? -
  3. SrBiscuit

    just a quick bit of excitement...

    yay! my nikon refurb'd D90 arrived yesterday in FLAWLESS condition. ordered from Cameta and arrived very well packed in about 3 days. everything was sealed and happy. i havent yet looked for a total shutter count. so far im LOVING the upgrade from the D1x. of course, im missing the probody...
  4. SrBiscuit

    been a bit

    hey guys... havent visited in awhile...been uber busy. here are a couple shots from my most recent shoot. oh, and im looking to upgrade with tax money... was thinking D90 body...any thoughts? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. comments welcome, as always. glad to see everyone seems to be...
  5. SrBiscuit

    Question regarding amperage, voltage, and strobes

    hey everyone... hope all your bellies are full from thanksgiving and you all had an enjoyable day. :hug:: so a few weeks ago i was using my studio strobes and one of the fuses blew. i just got around to going to home depot today to replace it and grab some spares for this situation in the...
  6. SrBiscuit

    been awhile since i posted images

    hey everyone. i had a booth at ArtAttack2010! in manchester NH on saturday, and thought i would share the images that i had printed for sale. much to my bewilderment i did quite well and sold a total of 9 prints, so that was a bit of a thrill for me. as always, C&C is welcomed and appreciated...
  7. SrBiscuit

    Sideshow submission to gallery

    yes, i already made a thread with this pic in it in the beginners section, but was rather saddened by the lack of C&C. :( so i apologize for the second thread. maybe this is a more appropriate place for it. as stated before, this was taken for submission (and hopefully accpetance) into a...
  8. SrBiscuit

    Submission for local art show

    Hey pals. Here's what I came up with for my submission into the "get your freak on!" show at space242 in boston. the theme is circus and sideshow type freaks, carnival life....things like that. i realized saturday afternoon that submissions were due today, so my wife and i did this saturday...
  9. SrBiscuit


    damn. i didnt even want it that bad, but you know how ebay can be. sometimes ya gotta win just to win. lol. just scored a d1x with 4 batteries and the mh-16 charger. i think i still got a decent deal though, so i think im ok with it. lol $208.50. damn ebay.:lol:
  10. SrBiscuit

    quick question

    obviously i would have to see and try the cam, and know how many actuations, but was wondering if this is a good deal... D2xs body for D40 plus $400. maybe i'll offer d40 and $300?
  11. SrBiscuit

    Cactus V4s

    finally got my V4s in the mail just now. this is a pointless post since ive only mounted the transceiver on the cam so far. lol. tough to play with new toys at work.:( sorry for wasting your time.;) just a little stoked to have these. i'll try them out later and report back.:thumbup:
  12. SrBiscuit

    couple more from the bloody shoot...

    or should i say failed attempt at bloody.... the blood sucks, but ive gotten some tips, and plan to use them next time around. C&C is welcome as always. thanks for looking.
  13. SrBiscuit

    a macabre model mayhem shoot

    hey pals. here are a couple shots from a shoot i did yesterday with a model mayhemer (same girl from last time). i know the darker one has some exposure issues...the left is blown out, and her face is underexposed. i tried bumping up the exposure when processing the raw but it got noisy...
  14. SrBiscuit

    second model mayhem shoot

    as i still consider myself a beginner, i thought i would post this here, and ask for a little C&C. this is my second shoot that i set up from model mayhem, and she wants to go again on sunday. thoughts? i have a couple more i like too if anybody wants me to post them. thanks as always!
  15. SrBiscuit

    quick question with likely quick answer...

    my mom just called me and said she has access to a nikkor af 35-70 3.3-4.5 lens for $30, and asked if i wanted her to pick it up for me. after looking at my gear list, does anyone think this lens is worth my $30, or should i let it go? thanks!
  16. SrBiscuit

    3 from a shoot with a model mayhemer

    i had a shoot this past saturday with someone from model mayhem. it went well...she was super easy to work with, and we had a good time. she's looking forward to shooting again. just looking for general C&C i guess. i'm sure some will say i have processed these to hell :D i may have ;) i...
  17. SrBiscuit

    couple things soon to be mine

    finally a couple new little toys... nothing crazy. i have a D1h on its way, shipping today. (i really wanted KMH's D1x but couldnt justify the cost) i know i know...why buy a low res cam...but i would like a second body, and i don't really print. i look forward to DOF preview, bracketing, good...
  18. SrBiscuit

    couple pics from a day-trip

    i amnot usually one to take nature pictures, but i thought this was a nice spot to shoot. i had the day off monday, and took my son up the kancamangus hwy (white mtn region in NH). they definitely have some exposure issues since it was around 1 in the afternoon, but i thought these came out...
  19. SrBiscuit

    not necessary, but kinda cool...

    Halo LED spraycan lets you make grafitti the cheap, legal way for those graf artists looking for the next thing.
  20. SrBiscuit

    composing close-ups

    close-ups are one area that im very interested in experimenting with. i see pics that people take where the subjects face or some area of the body takes up most of the frame. i really like the look of images like that, and never really played around with the concept. here's a spur of the moment...