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  1. Foxx

    Worked with new lighting equipment and a makeup artist

    I got my first softbox and umbrella for christmas this year. Also made a DIY ring light. I think the results of which were excellent :mrgreen: I had the chance to collaborate with an amateur makeup artist too and got a model friend of mine in on the project. Looking for feedback on these shots...
  2. Foxx

    First Portfolio(feedback needed!) and CC on photos(very specific questions!!)

    Yo TPF'ers It's been awhile. I'd like to get some critique on PP and composition for a few pictures,I've asked specific questions for each shot and would really appreciate any comments or opinions you have. I'd also like to get any feedback you'd like to give on my first portfolio Foxx...
  3. Foxx

    The Cycle of Life

    Found this while trekking through the river with some friends today. Nature is such a powerful thing.
  4. Foxx

    Summer Weather

    Hot temperatures and temperamental weather, is there anything not to love about summer squalls and cumulonimbus clouds? :D I found a fantastic secret spot in my suburban sprawl that has a top-notch view of the surrounding region -- and I've captured a few cloud photos that I absolutely love...
  5. Foxx

    Bought an old lens at a flea market, need help finding an adapter

    Picked up this beauty for $20 at a flea market today. I realize that getting an adapter is going to degrade the quality a bit but for $20 it seemed like to big a steal to pass up. :D So I need help finding an adapter that fits it. I've already found the lens which looks almost identical on...
  6. Foxx

    Bunch of PP questions and need advice on engagement photos

    Yo TPF I'll cut to the chase, I have two shots here that I really like and I am fairly certain and exposed well. I did PP on them and initially liked the result but am not so sure now. I have included my work and have also included the raw shots. The second half of my posts is questions on...
  7. Foxx

    Trains and Coffee

    Hey TPF'ers, Got a few from the last couple weeks. Summer livin has brought me to some interesting places...Any commets or critique is greatly appreciated! #1 - Iced Mocha at a coffee shop in downtown atlanta. I think I should have used a smaller aperature #2 - Freight train(C40-8W) on a...
  8. Foxx

    First shoot with studio lighting, success!

    Yo TPF! I asked for advice on corporate headshots and barebones shooting about a week ago -- Well I finished shooting today. The shots ended up being more fun than I expected and I had a GREAT time shooting. Pretty much addicted to studio I just need to figure out how to afford a...
  9. Foxx

    Need help on lighting setup for headshots

    Hey guys, The company I'm working for has asked me to do basic headshots for some of our employees tomorrow. They asked me because I'm the guy who's always carrying the camera around -- but I have no studio lighting experience and no equipment. :thumbdown: However I do have a friend who will...
  10. Foxx

    Bubbles, Elevators, and Cute Dogs

    Got a whole plethora of shots for your guys, its been awhile since I posted. Looking for general critique as well as specific questions for shots(see below!) #1 - Light arching on the polished metal in an elevator. I liked the curves formed here. #2 - More of a snapshot, but I thought...
  11. Foxx

    An abstract and a sunset

    Two from the last few weeks, been handling finals so haven't had the time to pull much creativity off. Tell me what you think!! #1 - Splattered mud on a friend's truck. I took the shot and did some manipulation in photoshop. I like the textures that came out :) #2 - Everything is finally in...
  12. Foxx

    River Glass

    Found this glass from an old bottle(it was thick glass) in the river this weekend -- thought it was interesting because it was produced here, Milledgeville is where I live. Could it use a closer crop? Any c&c please!
  13. Foxx


    Cute bastards. Can I get some C&C on cute animal photography? What gets the most "awww" factor out of a shot with baby animals? #1 85mm f/6.3 ISO 160 1/125 sec #2 109mm f/5.6 ISO 500 1/200 sec #3 125mm f/6.3 ISO 320 1/160 sec
  14. Foxx

    Bees hives and beauties (c&c pleeease!)

    Yo TPF! I got a chance to visit a honey bee farm the other day and got some interesting pictures...Plus a few shots of friends and colors I've been playing with. Please tell me what you think! #1 - The beekeeper was transplanting new queens to new boxes so me and a friend had a VERY personal...
  15. Foxx

    Gradient maps, IS THIS REAL LIFE?

    I stumbled upon gradient mapping in PS a few days ago and having been going nuts since. The color combos, the atmospheres you can create. It's like a whole new world has opened up to me. Why am I just finding out about these now?! :drool: Anyways here's two I've done of the past week. #1 -...
  16. Foxx

    Thank god spring is here!(C&C please)

    IT'S ABOUT TIME. The sun is finally warming my bones. A few shots from this week, any critique would be greatly appreciated. #1 and #2 are from my grandparents' house. #1 - This wild cat lives on their property(4 acres or so). Been there since she was born and has always stuck around. #2 -...
  17. Foxx

    Fire spinning and some other oddities(c&C please!)

    A few shots from the last week or so. Looking for any c&c! #1 #2 - found this little guy on the tracks. He was sunbathing, looked so happy! I had the opportunity to shoot a fire-spinner, was awesome but I had a hard time exposing so the flames weren't always blown out. I used manual and...
  18. Foxx

    Life in the sun

    Just a few I've taken over the past week. People pictures are more of snapshots, all C&C is welcome but I'm looking for critique on the landscapes mostly. #1 - I've been taking a bunch of sunset pictures lately but I finally found a foreground -- this fence. #2 - Brilliant day in rural...
  19. Foxx

    Giving an informative presentation on photography

    Hey everyone, I'm taking a public speaking class and our current assignment is to create an 8-10 minute presentation on something we can teach the class how to do or educate them on a subject. For my presentation I've chosen "how to take a photo" and what I want to do is give a few examples of...
  20. Foxx

    Mineral mines, split toning, and bokeh(some random shots, c&c!)

    Hey everyone, Another collection of shots I've taken over the past few weeks, again no theme. Just looking for comments and critique on composition/technique. :thumbup: #1 - Water droplets on my winshield, I've been playing with split toning and came up with this night combo. #1a - The...