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  1. IronMaskDuval

    FS: Canon RP body

    Oops. Listed. You're still here!
  2. IronMaskDuval

    FS: Canon RP body

    Less than 100 clicks. Cash app or local in the northern Atlanta area. $850
  3. IronMaskDuval

    Lumix G85 with Sigma 16mm F/1.4 and Lumix 25mm F/1.7

    Excellent condition, one owner. I just don't use this thing. Asking $650 (Paypal F&F or Square Cash) shipped to the lower 48. I can also do local pickup in the Metro Atlanta area.
  4. IronMaskDuval

    FS: Sony A7, Zeiss Lens, Tokina Macro Lens

    Price dropped to $800 for all of it. This is a steal!
  5. IronMaskDuval

    FS: Sony A7, Zeiss Lens, Tokina Macro Lens

    Price drop! Shipped
  6. IronMaskDuval

    FS: Sony A7, Zeiss Lens, Tokina Macro Lens

    CY for Zeiss and Nikon for Tokina.
  7. IronMaskDuval

    FS: Sony A7, Zeiss Lens, Tokina Macro Lens

    Awesome deal on this kit. Everything is in excellent condition. The camera is so new that it is still under Sony warranty. The Tokina is also under a year old. The Zeiss and the Tokina come with their respective adapters. Both excellent lenses and pairs amazingly well with the a7. Also comes...
  8. IronMaskDuval

    Help new lense ideas??

    I second the body suggestion with a 50 prime.
  9. IronMaskDuval

    Lens Rentals' Report on Popular Rental Equipment 2017

    I shoot with a7 bodies. I need to get one of those shotgun shell holder shoulder slings but for sony batteries. Hmmm. Im on to something.
  10. IronMaskDuval

    New photogs sure have it better than we did.

    I was going through used bodies today and realized that new photogs are really spoiled, particularly in the mirrorless department since they can get exceptional gear at little cost. Older generation Sony, Fuji, and Oly bodies can be had for so cheap. I just saw an XT1 for $400 and a6000 for...
  11. IronMaskDuval

    Wide-angle lenses

    I'm adapting to an a7, so I'd like one with a native aperture ring built in.
  12. IronMaskDuval

    lightroom cc help

    There is lightroom cc and lightroom classic cc. I uae classic on my desktops and other one for my phone. Either should work for you.
  13. IronMaskDuval

    Canon 5dMVI

    Only you really know the answer to this. Can you make up the cost of the camera by driving revenu with it? Otherwise, it's not an investment. Edit: i spent all day writing a legal memo, and now, i am hallucinating. I swear you said invest. If you are jutat itching to buy it for fun, heck yea...
  14. IronMaskDuval

    does the camera matter

    Not really. Lens first. Body later. Photos coming out of a t3i are fine with the exception of low light, as you have stated. Will full frame do wonders in low light? I think so, but the cost to get there with lenses you want is exponentially higher than getting in to crop cameras. Even with full...
  15. IronMaskDuval

    Wide-angle lenses

    Sorry, I am putting this thread here, but I am looking at several makes. (please move if not appropriate) I am looking for a wide angle prime for my A7. It's down to the Rokinon 14mm 2.8, Tokina 17mm 3.5, or the Nikon 20mm 2.8. I generally do not shoot this wide, as I do mainly outdoors and...
  16. IronMaskDuval

    Our bummy kids

    Only when I bribe them with candy or something else. Otherwise, they're usually sick of my crap.
  17. IronMaskDuval

    Nikon Lens to Sony E-mount Cameras

    Even easier with awesome focus peaking
  18. IronMaskDuval

    Nikon Lens to Sony E-mount Cameras

    I adapt legacy lenses. I have an a7 and hate its autofocus system, but I love what the sensor and Contax lenses do together that I deal with the body. I had an NEX 7 ouat, but I thought imaged were quite sterile.
  19. IronMaskDuval

    Nikon Lens to Sony E-mount Cameras

    Why buy a sony body if you won't commit to the system? If you're shooting fast targets, sony lenses are the way to go; otherwise, you can just manual focus and not have to worry about these types of adapters.