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    Sensors tech

    13 years between the two cameras, that's the difference. It's a significant amount of time for sensor technology to improve. Back in 2005 noise could be an issue, in 2018 you've got sensors that are ISO invariant.
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    Congrate me guys!

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    The food and drink thread

    Sure, they are hasselback potatoes. I used baby potatoes then put them on a wooden spoon and slice with a flat bladed knife, it doesn't cut all the way through so the open up when cooking. From there I just roasted them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. The lamb is a Raymond Blanć...
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    The food and drink thread

    Some recent dishes: Roast pork leg with hommade sweet bones and butts rub with veg and potato gallette Spagetti Amitriciana Roast sirloin of beef Beef Sirloin (pre-cooking, from our butcher) Croq Monsuier Haggis, neeps, and tatties Pulled pork with heratage carrots Chinese style...
  5. Spagetti Amitriciana.jpg

    Spagetti Amitriciana.jpg

  6. Roast Pork Leg.jpg

    Roast Pork Leg.jpg

  7. Clay pot lamb curry.jpg

    Clay pot lamb curry.jpg

  8. Harissa lamb with chickpeas.jpg

    Harissa lamb with chickpeas.jpg

  9. Sirloin Steak, Chinese style.jpg

    Sirloin Steak, Chinese style.jpg

  10. Sirloin of beef.jpg

    Sirloin of beef.jpg

  11. Pulled Pork.jpg

    Pulled Pork.jpg

  12. Haggis, neeps and tatties.jpg

    Haggis, neeps and tatties.jpg

  13. Croq Monsuier.jpg

    Croq Monsuier.jpg

  14. Roast Sirloin.jpg

    Roast Sirloin.jpg

  15. Roast chicken.jpg

    Roast chicken.jpg

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    Great shot!
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    A little C&C on These Photos

    The first has the better composition, and there's a fairly good triangle between the bench, tree and playground which holds the eye well. The bench does provide a nice lead in too, though the bin sticks out a bit. Compositionally the second has some major issues: the lack of anything in the...
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    Interview with PaigeW!

    @paigew Wow, excellent shots there! Love the personality your portraits show, but as I love landscape photography myself I'm stunned by that first landscape....that's pretty much the perfect shot in my eyes. Some seriously good shooting! I'd ask when in your development did you decide to go...
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    Tested Lightroom M1-optimized vs prior version

    Yeah, the new M1 arcitecture looks excellent, glad you are reaping the rewards! With the processing power they have, it may well shake up the industry though I'm more of a PC fan. I'm looking at the Intel Nucs to hopefully do similar things but in a more customisable package. We might even see...
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    RF Mount

    So, I was just speding some time browsing some big whites lenses considering what my next purchace would eventually be when I suddenly realised that Canon have stopped development on their DSLRs, are wholesale moving to mirrorless, and that the EF lens mount's days are numbered. I've not yet met...