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  1. John Hunt

    being a bird in a snow storm

  2. John Hunt

    eagle in flight

  3. John Hunt

    Eagle on patrol

    I took a few pictures yesterday. Here is one I like.
  4. John Hunt

    Mountain Times

    Very well done!
  5. John Hunt


    Wonderful set!
  6. John Hunt


  7. John Hunt

    Praying Mantis

    Great shot!
  8. John Hunt

    Just another hummer

  9. John Hunt


    Well done!
  10. John Hunt

    The Hummers are back.

  11. John Hunt

    A few in flights

    Very nice!
  12. John Hunt

    The Spy

    Thanks again!
  13. John Hunt

    The Spy

    Thanks all!
  14. John Hunt

    The Spy

  15. John Hunt

    ANGRY Sea

    Very nice!
  16. John Hunt

    Just another eagle

  17. John Hunt

    I got very lucky

    I got a message from my local camera store manager earlier in the week saying that he had taken some Olympus lens in on trade. I told him I would stop in on Saturday and take a look. I picked up a 40 -150 f2.8 and 60 macro for $1080.00. Both lens look like new.
  18. John Hunt

    A few more from the weekend

    The swan is fantastic!
  19. John Hunt

    Variety of in flights from the weekend

    Nice work Brent.