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  1. chuasam

    Photos around the neighbourhood

    Fairly easy. Took me 3 flights *LOL* to figure out how to get the photos to store on the microSD I have the SmartController. DJI Smart Controller - Designed to maximize your outdoor flying experience - DJI Quadcopters are way easier to fly than Helicopters. How to Fly a Drone: A Beginner's...
  2. chuasam

    Photos around the neighbourhood

    more photos today
  3. chuasam

    Photos around the neighbourhood

  4. chuasam

    Photos around the neighbourhood

    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro (Hasselblad L1D-20C)
  5. chuasam

    Photos around the neighbourhood

    Holiday - boring... figured I'd take some shots
  6. chuasam

    Your camera is better than Ansel Adams'

    Yeah but imagine what he could have gotten if he had modern gear.
  7. chuasam

    Should I buy a camera?

    Get a Sony RX1000 VII
  8. chuasam

    Full Frame vs. APS-C Sensor - Do you really need to upgrade to Full Frame?

    Nikon D850 for my portrait and fun shoots because I love the lens range and dynamic range. Canon 5D Mk III for my architecture and real estate shot because that's what the company issued me. Olympus EM10 III for my travel photography because it is light and convenient. Why do you need to choose...
  9. chuasam

    What camera should i buy

    If you told me to go to a golf course and get amazing photos, I would go get a DJI Mavic 2 Pro all done!
  10. chuasam

    Architecture / Interior Design Lens

    I'm getting into architecture and interior design photography. I have a Nikon D850. I'm deciding between getting the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8G or the affordable Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Benefits of Nikon: full automation and electronics flexibility of zoom range Draw backs of Nikon: Heavy that bulbous...
  11. chuasam

    How to start a travel / landscape career?

    It's much easier if you're female and conventionally good looking.
  12. chuasam

    Your Photography Journey

    What was your photography journey and what stage are you at? I started doing weddings *LOL* right off the many beginning pros end up hahah then I switched to commercial and pet photography. Shot a few billboard ad campaigns and kickstarters. I did a few fashion shoots but found that...
  13. chuasam

    The Hooghly bridge sunrise, India

    I love the clouds. I do feel like you've done too much unsharp mask to the point that there is a halo around each bird.
  14. chuasam

    Architectural Photo Critique

    Here's some photos I took recently. Comments welcome.
  15. chuasam

    Canadian Drone Certification

    Any other Canadians out there? Work has required me to get a Drone Pilot Certificate (Advanced). I'm equal parts excited and scared. I have never flown a drone before but have always wanted to do it. Tell a story about how you got yours? (Spoiler: you'll need at least a Basic Certificate if you...
  16. chuasam

    Do you know your style?

    Today I took photos of my jeans *LOL*
  17. chuasam

    Do you know your style?

    I don't do "formal portraits." My shots aren't exactly candids though. Lively portraits? Ambient light dance photos... here's examples of the epitome of my style
  18. chuasam

    Do you know your style?

    'm a portrait photographer. I might do some landscape or travel when I'm on vacation...I do some nature stuff (on my phone) while walking the dog. I do dance photos for fun... but I am really just a portrait photographer. I'm terrible at still life.
  19. chuasam

    Letting Go

    sad i can deal with. Angry and Pissed off and Bitter...not so much