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  1. atlas777

    WTS: gift certificates

    I was given $150 in gift certificates as a graduation gift. It's a cool website and all, but I just moved to New York and need rent money more than camera equipment at the moment. I'll sell them for $135 to make it worth your while. PM me if you're interested or have any...
  2. atlas777

    Streets of Oporto - Portugal

    You did a great job seeing the city from a different angle. Very interesting shots!
  3. atlas777


    The color and sense of movement in 2 is wonderful. I like the composition in 1 but I feel that the green separates the top and bottom part of the photo. Maybe you could work it into the whole picture to tie everything together.
  4. atlas777

    Yobra Linda

    Beautiful! I love how the plane of the clouds and the land seem about to cross.
  5. atlas777

    Touch the sky

    Thanks! I wanted to get all the details of this old silo in the shot. And the clouds were very interesting that day.
  6. atlas777

    Touch the sky

  7. atlas777

    Touch the sky

    Here's a couple shots from my new camera :D. C & C welcome
  8. atlas777

    Surise and Fields

    I love the play of warm vs cool colors in 1 but I feel that its a little dark. The broken down wagon in 2 creates a great focal point. I think I'd up the DOF to get the mountains in the background in focus too.
  9. atlas777

    Texas State Capitol

    Very imposing. Nice shot!
  10. atlas777

    My first time snowshoeing (Mt Seymour)

    Great shots! You've really captured the smooth, purity of freshly fallen snow.
  11. atlas777


    The first one is definitely the best. I love how the reflection is broken by the sand.
  12. atlas777

    Easy Directions

    The skyscape is incredible. I just want to hop in a convertible with a couple friends and take a spin down this road.
  13. atlas777

    Ireland 5.30am

    The colors are great! Nice balance of sky, land and sea...
  14. atlas777

    Forbidden Passage

    Love it! The verticality of the trunks is balanced by the horizontality of the branches while the fallen tree perfectly breaks up the repetition and creates a focal point. It makes me want to see what's at the other end.
  15. atlas777

    Window View

    I agree, too much window and not enough view. It looks like a beautiful day.
  16. atlas777

    Kilmainham Gaol

    I love the depth and feeling of smallness you get in this photo. Nice shot!
  17. atlas777

    "Abanoned Silos"

    The light is great in this photo. Nice shot!
  18. atlas777

    A few landscapes....>

    Beautiful! 2 is my favorite. I just want to be there, lay in the grass and stare at the mountains and sky.
  19. atlas777


    Beautiful...its so dreamlike and other-worldly...
  20. atlas777

    downtown buildings C&C

    Being the architect that I am, I love this series. 2 and 3 are great but my favorite is 6. I love the color and angles you've captured.