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  1. bigtwinky

    I want to buy my 1st dslr

    Buy mirrorless. Canon has stated it will no longer be developping dSLRs. So if you want to be more "future proof", invest in a mirrorless system. Canon R or some entry level Sony. I'd avoid Nikon mirrorless these days, they are lagging behind the other 2.
  2. bigtwinky

    New to the forum & new to photography.

    Oh... Someone into show photos! My bread and butter. Welcome!
  3. bigtwinky

    advice please

    When starting out, shoot lots. I tell my students that they should stop and take a photo of anything that catches their eye. And then dont take just one shot, take a min of 5 each time of the same subject. Get it close, from far,... Basically work your creative eye, push yourself For gear...
  4. bigtwinky

    The basic camera settings I use for concerts

    I didn't know of the article posting policy put in place... here are some of the settings described in the blog post ;) You just won't get the pretty pictures and random tips haha, but still hopefully useful information for you all :) 1- Camera mode (manual vs aperture priority) The first...
  5. bigtwinky

    The basic camera settings I use for concerts

    I routinely maintain a blog with tips, shows, and so on. One of the questions I get the most are what settings I use. There is no "one size fits all" for settings, but here is what I found works! Hopefully it helps some of you de-mystify concert photography :) If you have questions or what...
  6. bigtwinky

    Yearly recap

    Does anyone else take the time to look over what they have done and accomplished over a year in photography? From the progress made exploring a new style, learning, photo stories and projects that are finished... I made the big switch to full time photographer 2 years ago and it's been a wild...
  7. bigtwinky

    I tried "some street"... it didn't go well!

    I actually kind of like the first image. The composition is nice, and it tells a very interesting story of a boring as hell protest. Shows that they may have a lack of support. Signs without supporters, a backpack on the ground where the person "went on break" and all tied nicely in with the...
  8. bigtwinky

    Sunsets and sunrises in Iceland

    I totally get you on that :). I quit a great paying corporate job 2 years ago to do photography full time and ive totally changed my life style as the income is barely 35% of what it was
  9. bigtwinky

    Trying To Find Wedding Photographer

    A profile pic is so ohhh important in showing the world what your company is. Doesnt have to be a 4 strobed studio shot, but an iphone selfie is kinda lame. Not always fully representative of skill, but a red flag Bunch of issues i have with the images, but thats me and my preference. If...
  10. bigtwinky

    Sunsets and sunrises in Iceland

    I saved up for 4 years to go on this trip. It's a very expensive place to travel, but oh so worth it. Was worth the sacrifices in the last few years to go there :)
  11. bigtwinky

    Post your favorite shot

    Here are two of my fave music shots of the last few months Dee Snider / Twisted Sister. Not just because he is a legend, but I love his tshirt F*cked up (edited name haha)
  12. bigtwinky

    Portrait of an MMA athleet

    I'd like to see his head separated more from the background. Having those beams right behind him isn't the most flattering. Going slightly higher to have his head framed in the stairs would be nice, imo
  13. bigtwinky

    More from the showjumping - CnC requested

    Any chance you could of shot from a different angle to not have those empty chairs in the background? Something cleaner would help improve the image and focus the attention on the jumper
  14. bigtwinky

    Waterfalls of Iceland

    Thanks for the comments all! If you are into landscapes, Iceland is a must destination. Actually, there is so much to see and shoot, it's a must destination 3 times haha. Heading there in the summer time means that the blue hour (or golden hour) lasts for about 3 hours lol
  15. bigtwinky

    Sunsets and sunrises in Iceland

    Here are a few early morning / early evening shots taken a few weeks ago while road tripping in Iceland in a camper. No better way to see the country than living on the road! And the flexibility we had was amazing, as we'd camp for the night right near the spot we wanted to shoot... great...
  16. bigtwinky

    Waterfalls of Iceland

    I am soooo not a landscape guy. I'm usually shooting fast moving concerts, weddings... or doing some street photography. 4 years ago I made a pact with a friend that we'd head to Iceland. And a month ago, that pact happened. We lived in a camper for 2 weeks and toured the country. I have so...
  17. bigtwinky

    First Family Session

    Totally agree and I get ya! I dont spend hours editing other's photos for the sake of examples :) But still, the family a bit lower in the frame, even done quickly, would be better imo :)
  18. bigtwinky

    Pano attempt

    Hmm... my gear is cleaned monthly, mainly due to the abuse I put it through in my show photography. I'm not seeing the dust spot though :/
  19. bigtwinky

    Pano attempt

    Thanks Derrel.. .good to see you still lurking around the boards as well :)
  20. bigtwinky

    Pano attempt

    yeah, that was totally my bad in just panning my camera on my ball head as it was set, which was slightly at an angle. So not all shots were easy to align. Need to take a bit more time next time I shoot