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  1. msdewberry

    '08 Assignment- SIGNS OF SPRING- Due June 2

    Lilacs are a big sign of spring for me.
  2. msdewberry

    My niece has caught the bug!

    My niece took these two pictures and begged me to put them in here for your consideration. Not sure what she took them with as they are photos that I scanned into my photos. All comments and critizism would be greatly appreciated. If you feel like fixing them if you have photo shop please...
  3. msdewberry

    2nd post, flowers and greenery. c&c appreciated

    :wink:I'm just new into this photography and have a huge amount to learn. Here are a few pictures I took and tryed to edit a bit. I don't have a tripod yet and so its hard to be perfectly still. And I am just learning the editing. Any help greatly appreciated!!
  4. msdewberry

    Out in the rain

    I like the first picture too. Love the colours.
  5. msdewberry

    First pictures being posted

    Thanks. Its probably me that is in motion. Its about the hardest thing to do is to be still. Seems I am always moving. I need to use a mono or tripod to steady.
  6. msdewberry

    First pictures being posted

    I just recieved my camera from my hubby a few months back as a way to occupy my time while recuperating from an injury. So this is all very new to me but I am really hooked by it. This photo was taken at a local park. I like the pattern of the water and light on the water in this second...
  7. msdewberry

    Hello, new to photography!!

    Hello from Canada. I am really new to this hobby, never really thought about it until my hubby gave me a digital camera a few months ago. I was recuperating from a broken back from a car accident and going mental with not being able to do anything. The camera he gave me could not of come at a...