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    Wow, thanks. I'd forgotten this forum does that. :Hail.sml:
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    Well, I wasn't the Rambo type back then, I was a drug user and dealer. Their suspicions were not wrong, although I was also a victim that evening too. Now, almost 50 years later, I count some law enforcement officers as friends, including the current sheriff. And just a few days ago, I...
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    Praying for Inspiration

    I know what you mean. I'll look at it again later today. I've been up all night, so I probably shouldn't have tried a re-edit in my nearly nodding state of mind. That one I'm pretty sure about... it wouldn't. ;) I understand, but that's something I did because I preferred it to the plain B&W...
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    Praying for Inspiration

    It was 7 years ago, so I can't be positive. It's pretty likely it wasn't planned, but not just a grab shot either. It looks like I took time to compose it. Here's a re-edited version, but I'm not sure yet that I like it as much as the one in my op. I'm trying to learn not to post a photo for...
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    Praying for Inspiration

    Thanks for the feedback. All of the church is in the photo. That is a separate building on the right, as is the one in the back.
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    When I was a kid in the 60s, this was a bank in Greenville, CA - I got my first ever bank account here. In the early 70s, I was a hitchhiking hippie who got mugged just out of the town limits and limped my way to the closest house to use their phone to call the cops. They showed up in their...
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    Praying for Inspiration

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently spent time looking at old photos I never bothered to develop. I wanted inspiration that might get me back out looking for new pictures to make. This photo was captured way back in 2012, on an Olympus E-420. At the time, I guess I didn't see a good...
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    Just an old fence

    To get myself in the mood to go back out and make new photos, I rummaged through some of my RAW files for photos I hadn't developed yet. I thought I'd eaze back in by maybe cruising around the neighborhood for local inspiration, so I was specifically looking for old photos of that nature. I...
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    Mt. Hough, Plumas County, CA

    It has been a while since I made a concerted effort to make landscape photos. One thing or another has kept me from it, or maybe that's just my excuse of the day. I posted about it on my blog a few days ago: Panoramas of Mt Jura & Mt Hough | Jim's 1 Foot in the Grave The two panoramas I posted...
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    Tree In Field After Sunset

    I've never even tried to be a documentary photographer - documenting the scene as natural as possible. I've never referred to my craft as impressionist, but it's not inaccurate. I create photos that depict how I feel about a scene. I appreciate all the comments.
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    Tree In Field After Sunset

    I spent too much time trying to capture the sun setting behind a barn. I didn't notice this lone tree until just after the sun set. Exposure: Nikon D810, Tamron SP 15-30mm F2.8 at 30mm, f/11, 1/6s, ISO 64, mounted on a tripod. Almost exactly 1 year, 1¾ hours earlier (actually, about 3 weeks...
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    Old Barns

    I never let power lines and other distractions bother me much anymore. Photoshop has the tools and they are actually fairly easy to learn how to use. Here is a whole series of videos on the subject:
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    Pink polka dotted bikini - Julie

    Sure you do. You have the development tools, don't you? Rouge too pink, desaturate - or use a half-dozen other tools to fix the mistake your makeup artist made. :)
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    Tried out some concert photography

    Maybe you can see the photos, but I can't. When I use the BBCode editor, I do see that you posted links to something, but either you made the content private, or Google did. You shouldn't link to stuff on your Google account. Put it on your own website, or a photo sharing site like Instagram or...
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    Tried out some concert photography

    Sooo... what happened to the photos?
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    Post a picture of yourself

    Taken in a motel room near Las Vegas, 2007. I seem to be trying to figure out how this bridge camera works. Today I have a Nikon D810 and don't know enough about it to take my own photo. ;) But I did try my hand at the traditional "selfie with a girlfriend" using my smartphone. I'll try to...
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    Day Lily, film version

    Very nice. I like the feel and the mood. I might have cropped it differently, maybe moved the center of the flower a little to the left and down, but that's more a personal choice. You done good.
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    C&C please! Beginner, large share from several shoots!

    Too many pictures (some duplicates) and not enough words. Don't think just because a picture is worth a thousand words you don't have to post any words.
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    Contest or Way To Obtain Royalty-Free Photos?

    That's subjective. It's legal, but unbalanced in favor of the sponsor. I think they count on the fact that few people understand what they are giving up when submitting to contests. They are hoping entrants will be thinking more about having their photos published and getting rewarded $$$ than...
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    Pic heavy, very successful trip to Acadia NP

    I like them all. Very nice. However, the shot of your friend... I would have tried to either get higher to place his head so it was surrounded by the lake water's reflection, or gotten lower to put his head in the clouds. Both of those are bright areas rather than the half bright/half dark area...