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  1. weepete

    RF Mount

    So, I was just speding some time browsing some big whites lenses considering what my next purchace would eventually be when I suddenly realised that Canon have stopped development on their DSLRs, are wholesale moving to mirrorless, and that the EF lens mount's days are numbered. I've not yet met...
  2. weepete

    Some Backyard Birding

    Finally got round to processing a few shots I'd taken last month in the back garden. I'm really hoping to catch a goldfinch that very occasionally visits the garden, and I saw a bullfinch last weekend locally, so I'm hoping we'll get a few more exciting birds visiting if we keep the feeders...
  3. weepete

    A Cambetown Landscape and some birds at Loch Spynie

    Had a bit of an epic journey from Cambeltown to Burghead a couple of weeks ago with work. Managed to stop breifly on the way to grap a quick landscape shot and got a little time after work and get out to Loch Spynie nature reserve and see what it was like. The hide was closed, and birds were a...
  4. weepete

    Gone Fishin' 11

    Out for the first time in ages after travel restrictions were lifted last weekend. I had expected to be hoaching, but my socially distanced friend and I were the only shore anglers to be seen. It's been 6 months since I set foot on a beach, so wonderful to have a cracking day to be out. Gone...
  5. weepete

    Standards have dropped...

    Sorry everyone, Back in the day when I joined this forum standards were pretty harsh. If you posted up a photo with a defect it'd be found, exposed and called out. That's how I improved. It may seem harsh, but it's been one of the best things I had to push me on. Critique was standard...
  6. weepete

    Are budget lighting panels any good...?

    Looking for two panels suitable to light makeup photography ideally to sit on a desk. Normally I use speedlights but has anyone tried the LED panels?
  7. weepete

    Livestreaming camera reccomendations please!

    Hi all, My daughter has decided she'd like to do some livestreaming of makeup tutorials and has asked for a camera for Christmas. I'm a stills guy, but have no knowledge of video let alone streaming! She's got a very basic camera knowledge, mostly with her phone (but dad will be on hand to...
  8. weepete

    Lightroom contact metadata question

    Hi all, I'm just sorting myself out with a proper website now where I'm going to offer some prints for sale. As part of that I'm going to do a few social media pages to hopefully help drive a bit of traffic. I've sorted my portfolio and set up so I can manage the images in lightroom, but I was...
  9. weepete

    Loch Horn Waterfall re-edit

    -Tech Specs Canon 7dmkI with Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 1/4 sec f16, ISO 100 cropped to a 4x3 from a single frame -Lighting Overcast and fairly heavy rain -Why did I take the shot? This was taken on a workshop with Colin Prior a few years back. I loved the combination of this little waterfall...
  10. weepete

    Heron in flight

    One of the first BIF picturers I got with my 5DmkIV, taken on a nature reserve slightly North of Aberdeen. It was pretty good light and fairly close, so turned out ok I think though sharpness could be a bit better. Heron in flight by wee_pete, on Flickr
  11. weepete

    Oystercatcher in flight

    Got this on a recent trip to Islay, shutter speed was a bit too slow, but resonably happy with the result on a slow lens and overcast conditions Oystercatcher in flight by wee_pete, on Flickr
  12. weepete

    Fitful Head

    -Tech Specs Canon 5DmkIV with Canon 16-35mm f4L 1/160 sec f11, ISO 100 cropped to a 3x1 from a single frame -Lighting Shot just as rain clouds were moving in from the North. The sky had a lot of cloud and a few rain showers though there were a few breaks in the cloud cover at about 3pm (2-3...
  13. weepete

    Northern Skies

    Another one from my recent Shetland trip. Thought I'd try a minimalist landscape, and while I was up at Eshaness the expansiveness of the sea struck me. Northern Skies by wee_pete, on Flickr
  14. weepete

    St Ninian's Isle, Shetland

    I was up earlier in the week doing a bit of work in Shetland again. It's been a few years since I've been up that way and it's good to see I've moved on a bit with my photography. I managed to get a little time before my flight home to get out and do some shooting. This was a difficult one, I...
  15. weepete

    Gone Fishin' 10

    Gone Fishin' 10 by wee_pete, on Flickr Had a bit of fun today out fishing. Shame the day was overcast, but fishing 25-30ft above the water let me take this shot. Fish were plentyful, but nothing of any real size. The walk back up the hill in the dark was a bummer, it's a steep, with a...
  16. weepete

    Stormy Ellenabeich

    -Tech Specs Canon 5DmkIV with Canon 16-35mm f4L 0.8 sec f11, ISO50, 2+3 stop ND filters -Lighting Shot just as rain clouds were moving in from the sea, dull overcast -Why did I take the shot? I really liked the the dark band of cloud coming in over the sky which changed the feeling of the...
  17. weepete

    My first enagement shoot!.....

    Well..... sort of... On a wee bit of a holiday so I told my partner I wanted to take a nice romantic photogaph of the two of us. Got to the location on a small, remote Scottish island, the weather was gogrgeous and sunny, so we walked up the single hill here with 360° views of the sea, Mull...
  18. weepete

    Creating a website

    So, I'm toying with the idea of creating a website and offering some prints for sale. Not expecting anything, proably just my own ego trip. Just wondering what's a good host? Squarespace seem good, but unsure if there's better out there. I'd really like to use my local lab if I can too
  19. weepete

    Amy Headshot

    A very rare portait shot for me. In this case my daughter wanted a headshot done for her student ID, and liked the one I did last year for her. So I set up some of my studio equipment and go to try out my new beauty dish. I do find people a very difficult thing to photograph, and my lighting...
  20. weepete

    Gruinard Bay 02

    I stopped for a photo in this location way back in 2014 using an old 18-55mm kit lens that had a broken autofocus, fast forward 6 years and I'm back shooting with much better equipment and my photography skills have gotten better. Conditions were just about perfect and I couldn't resist stopping...