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  1. metcwill333

    Bunny in the backyard

  2. metcwill333

    Another moon shot! Thoughts?

    Shot with 300mm focal length. Thoughts?
  3. metcwill333

    First Photo Post - My Cat

    I think you sharpened it perfectly! Nice work, cute kitty :)
  4. metcwill333

    Golden Gate Sunset

  5. metcwill333

    Christmas Day moon rise WB? C&C

    I like the second one. Cool shot
  6. metcwill333

    window blinds

    I really like the first one, not too crazy about the second one. Not sure if the black & white adds anything to the image. Nice shot!
  7. metcwill333

    YOUR favorite/best image of 2015 goes here

    Christmas Day Full Moon!
  8. metcwill333

    Witch's woods

    I like it, but I think it would be even better if the background was just one colour, and the tree trunk was solid black.
  9. metcwill333

    Squirrel sitting on a branch

    Spotted this guy sitting on the branch in the perfect position. Thoughts?
  10. metcwill333

    Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon

    Thanks for your input! Thats too bad that it was cloudy near you, atleast you got a good photo!
  11. metcwill333

    Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon

    Here's the Christmas Eve moon. Only good shot I got before the clouds covered up the moon for the rest of the night.
  12. metcwill333

    Opinions on this photo?

    Thanks for your input!
  13. metcwill333

    Opinions on this photo?

    For anyone wondering, it's the top of a snowglobe. :)
  14. metcwill333

    Opinions on this picture?

    Yea I like the original shot better.
  15. metcwill333

    bridge to...

    Nice lighting
  16. metcwill333

    Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon

    Shot on a tripod with a focal length of 300mm F-Stop: f/8 Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec. ISO: 100