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    Digital Longevity

    I just tell my kids to make a bunch of prints and hold on to them. You people think wayyyy toooo much.
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    Here's a great way to kill a night

    He's as wired as they come,but man he knew his ****.
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    Equivalent exposure?

    A stop is a stop no matter where you get it.
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    Landscape Photography

    9 miles of semantic masturbation by phoney baloney experts. Yes,if you want to increase your field of view,buy the Tokina. It's a nice lens.
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    What are you watching on TV right now?

    The Andy Griffith Show. Never gets old.
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    A very wet hawk

    Fantastic as usual. You need a place to store that d7200 that you won't be using? :barbershop_quartet_member:
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    The Coffee House

    Back to the Bronx tomorrow. Spring is here. As long as I got long underwear, and carhartt coveralls,the right field bleachers should be fine!! Bring on Houston.
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    The very FIRST thing you need to think about...

    Oh. I must have gotten confused when you used the word,"we" in your prior post.
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    The very FIRST thing you need to think about...

    Well,I don't know about that. As a primarily self taught musician,I certainly learned a ton when I began studying with a professional bassplayer that gave lessons. I had a primary goal, that was what we worked on,and my playing and understanding of modes improved dramatically. I started in 1974...
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    How do I expose for a siloette?

    Now you're just making stuff up. :D For real,just expose for the ambient light,and fire away. You'll probably wind up with a silhouette doing just that.
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    Lighting help !

    The only way you can do what you're describing is to either blow out the highlights,or run with a bounced speedlight. Shooting Canon,which I don't,my recommendation would be to buy Syl Arena's book and learn to light. Great book no matter what equipment you're using.
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    Lighting help !

    What camera and lenses are you using?
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    Lighting help !

    OK. You got me there gryphonslair. Lighting is my SECOND favorite subject. Maybe 3rd.
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    Lighting help !

    My favorite subject. LIGHT!!!
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    A Very Expensive Joke On Us.

    Oh,I definitely didn't mean the weed comment that way. Just that the discussion was getting a little off kilter,and there was some deep thinking that's all. I'm in Manhattan every single day from December till April,and periodically throughout the rest of the year. I'm well aware that most of...
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    A Very Expensive Joke On Us.

    Now I feel like I'm smoking weed .
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    A Very Expensive Joke On Us.

    I thought Zumwalt.
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    A Very Expensive Joke On Us.

    It's called,"complacency". Gotta say though,the pic of the Nat Guards/Army in Penn Station is a fraction of what's really there. NYPD takes this **** VERY seriously and has more undercover in that tunnel than you'd ever be able to comprehend. I saw a guy get tackled ,wrapped up and dragged into...
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    D50 Not Consistently Auto Focusing

    In all honesty,the bundle isn't what would concern me. It's more the lack of a warranty on repairs. Although,I absolutely agree with buying a generation or two back for NOS. But,I think what I would have done in the OP's situation is shoot and learn on the D50,save a few more bucks up,and go for...
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    D50 Not Consistently Auto Focusing

    Guess I'm a little late to this party. I would have advised against the ebay bundles and the grey market. In fact,I would have told you not to buy anything until you did a little more research.