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  1. This_guy

    Critique: Landscapes from my trip to Israel

    I recently took a trip to Israel and would love some critiques on my pictures! Shutter: 1/200s ISO: 200 Aperture: f14 Shutter:1/160s ISO:200 Aperture: f16 Shutter: 1/250s ISO: 400 Aperture: f14 Shutter: 1/320s ISO: 400 Aperture: f16 Shutter: 1/250s ISO: 200 Aperture: f13 Shutter...
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  10. Landscapes


    Landscapes I shot.
  11. This_guy

    Critique: iPhone 6

    Here are some shots I took on my iPhone 6 at Niagara Falls this summer!
  12. This_guy

    Website Critique

    Thanks! I agree... I'm looking to do more portrait work in the future to add to it!
  13. Rainbow


  14. Waterfall 1

    Waterfall 1

  15. Bridge


  16. Waterfall 2

    Waterfall 2

  17. Triangle Water

    Triangle Water

  18. Landscape


  19. Rocks


  20. iPhone 6

    iPhone 6

    A collection of photos I have taken with my iPhone.