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  1. Keith Gebhardt


    So, ive been doign alot of research.. experimenting.. and lots of precious devoted time into trying to produce legit HDR's. Ill throw some #'s, roughly 1000 images, sunny days, cloudy days, dark rooms with lots of ambient, and some others... ive tried everything i could think of/read and i...
  2. Keith Gebhardt

    can you help?

    im looking for a hasselblad 501cm with some sort of lense, kit 80mm 2.8 would be more then fine. also the A12 for 120 film. no more then $1100 ish. anyone selling or know of where i can find one in really good condition? ive seen some on ebay very so often, by the time i get a change to try...
  3. Keith Gebhardt

    Graveyard experience

    So, i was on my way home from hacketstown NJ, drove by the front gate of this semitary. 1st thing i noticed. was the gate. beautiful. 2nd thing i knoticed. old wooden bridge going over river to the actual cemetary. 1st thing to come to mind from that was, this is an old cemetary. i took a stroll...
  4. Keith Gebhardt

    Water resistant.. better yet, PROOF (if you dare)?

    So i was in the midst of looking for a cheap alternative to keeping water off my camera while im out shooting sports. Somtimes it rains, but mostly snows due to i shoot alot of skiing and snowboarding events. Well i found this...
  5. Keith Gebhardt

    i need a website..

    suggestions? anyone on here make websites reasonable?
  6. Keith Gebhardt

    backside boardslide...

    please crit...
  7. Keith Gebhardt

    Rail Sessionss

    Was at bigboulder today and got some decent shot.. please crit them harshly! 1.) 2.)
  8. Keith Gebhardt


    ya soo, thought id screw around at work. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Keith Gebhardt

    Canon or Nikon?

    My D200 is coming back in and im really not sure if im happy with it. I was taking a look into canons but i am having a hell of a time deciding if its worth switching. If i get a canon id get the Canon 1d Mark III with out any questions. If i get a new nikon ill be getting the Nikon D3. Ive...
  10. Keith Gebhardt

    street ride/session

    Went out with some buddies of mine.. just wondering how you all thought about these. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.)
  11. Keith Gebhardt

    Old Barn in Snow

    Well im shooting again, after my D200 is still at nikon idk what they hell there doing with it, its been over a month. So i picked up a D40 so i have somthing... Started snowing here today and got some shots of an old barn down the road. comments and crit welcome.
  12. Keith Gebhardt

    Someone HELP PLEASE...HELP!

    Ok.. im about to kill myself. My D200, which ive saved up since i was 12 (now 16) that i bought about a year ago... still covered with warrenty and extended warrenty by nikon. GOT DRENCHED. My and a couple buddies of mine went riding quads to a really isolated, beautiful place to get...
  13. Keith Gebhardt

    Puppies were so cute...

    ok well i had a job to shoot for a lady that rescues dogs from the street and "kill shelters". she pays for all the vet work, shots..nudering..etc. and then puts them up for adoption. She must have had about 40 dogs running around, half them being little puppies. they were adorable. She hired me...
  14. Keith Gebhardt

    Needing a good and professional portfolio!!!

    Ok, ive been getting in a **** load of business lately. Some of the companies that are interested with me are asking for portfolios. Along with customers wondering if they can buy prints online. I need to set somthing up to where i can Have a Professional looking portfolio, as well as allow...
  15. Keith Gebhardt

    Any businesses from Northern Pennsylvania?

    Are there anyone on this forums board from North, North Eastern Pennsylvania. Or even the poconos that is looking for a great photographer? If so are you looking for any help? Im interested if so! Please email
  16. Keith Gebhardt

    My 1st post..

    hi everyone, this is my 1st post to TPF, i like this forum board. anyways, my crit.. kinda busy, trees a little soft.. any one else??