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    Won staff favorite!

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    Small Rant

    I did a little searching on Ohio's SOS website and found her business. it seems that she's at least registered and an LLC. Not that helps the OP or her friend. Not sure that we can really say much more since she isn't...
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    Business Name

    I doubt that you would run into any legal problems since you are both on opposite sides of the world.
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    Watermarks and Signatures...

    I gave up watermarking my images online. I still have a few floating around with it on there but for the most part I took it off. I did this for 2 reasons; first people are going to remove it or print it with it on the photo and little will be done in most cases and second it's a PITA to keep...
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    Just Getting Started...

    It's not that "business" is a hot button issue. We would all hate to hear that someone was injured while on a shoot and you lost everything. Because without insurance or being setup correctly as a business, you open yourself up more than you can realize. Not only can someone go after your...
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    Charging for prints

    I just checked my price sheet and that's roughly where my pricing is at for the print. The frame itself for that size of a print can run you close to $100, let alone the matting and framing of the print.
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    God and Country

    Thank you for your comment. If I get some time, I can go back and see if I can get the cross to stand out more. It does tend to blend in a little with the trees.
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    God and Country

    This was taken at a recent wedding where the church was located at the edge of a mountain and this was between the church and the drop off. It makes for a beautiful scene early in the morning. Sadly it's in a gated community so access is limited to those in the community using the church at...
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    image test

    got it figured out... God and Country <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="God and Country" title="God and Country"><img src="" width="2048" height="1365" alt="God and Country"></a><script async...
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    Charging for prints

    200-300% markup depending upon your market.
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    Where to sell Nude sets?

    Christmas isn't Christmas without a little -->||<-- drama :D
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    Where to sell Nude sets?

    :BangHead: :76: No one is putting down your precious Hassy. We're just saying that to get the job done and correctly that your statement below isn't accurate. Full frame DSLR's and in fact even APS-C sensors are capable of producing full page magazine spreads, even at high ISO (ISO 800 as...
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    Where to sell Nude sets?

    Sorry, I disagree Donny. The digital DSLR's hold their own in regards to sharpness and handling of digital noise. DSLR cameras have been able to handle ISO 800 with no noise for a number of years. I have used an old Canon 20D (circa 2004) to make a 53 foot long banner for a trade show.
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    Want to get second shooter jobs-how do I do that ?

    Because there are more than enough weddings to go around for everyone. I shoot my own weddings and second for a local pro. We refer clients to each other if they aren't a good price fit. Plus he gets a very competent second shooter than can go off and shoot the groom or bridesmaids while he's...
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    Where to sell Nude sets?

    Not quite 3-1/2 years old...more like 1272 days ;P
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    Pricing structures

    The storefront is in the local mall, which is why they are seeing foot traffic but no sales. People are curious to see what the new store is but disinterested when they find out that either the sets aren't nice or that they have to take their own photos. I can't see this business lasting...
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    Singer used my photo for her business card....

    Man, I forgot about this thread. Thanks for the reminder :D
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    Is there pleasure in busniess?

    Well, that escalated quickly
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    Ethical Dilemma

    Personally, I feel that you're being too hard on yourself. Yeah we all make mistakes. Sometimes we get distracted or are nervous and let those emotions amplify things and it overwhelms us. It happens. When that happens, unless I'm at a wedding, I step back and remind myself that I'm not on a...
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    Image #3 is hands down the best of the series. By the subtle shift of head tilt, she now has a more dramatic look and draws you in with the eyes. The others seem somewhat boring compared to this frame. Great job