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    What type of masks do you think are the most scary?

    Lol, I would say that a Devil Mask is the scariest so far that I saw.
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    Using flash outdoors to remove shadows

    Based on some readings, in order to get rid of shadows especially on the face of the person, a "fill in flash", that involves the use of a low intensity light will be enough.
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    Suggestions/ Recommendations

    So you are preparing well for your photography business? I'm not only sure if this can work good for your business but most companies that I know choose a retina web vulnerability scanner. It's because it can track vulnerabilities in web applications. According to most reviews, it can also...
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    What are you listening to...

    One Republic - Counting Stars
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    What is the best backhanded compliment

    You're so charming when you make an effort. Like it's something I don't know already lol
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    What do you drink while editing?

    Mostly water but sometimes I have coffee to wake myself up lol
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    Track Changes

    Thanks for your very helpful post. Anyway, I'm considering getting this solution for file server auditing. Anybody here who has used one before? Any tips on what I should be looking for in such a solution?
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    Track Changes

    Hi. I wonder if there's a way to track changes in a windows file system? I want to check the users who edited/created a file in our system. Is there an application that could help me?
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    Gold dipped roses - C&C

    I like #2 and #4 too! I love flowers as the subject. This one is so simple but I find it very beautiful.
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    Hearts On Fire

    I love the shot! I love flowers!
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    I love La La Land. I watched it only after the whole Academy Awards Fiasco. Should have been more curious about Moonlight though.
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    What are you reading?

    Currently reading a masterpiece from the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book is entitled Love in the Time of Cholera.
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    Hi to all

    Hi! Welcome to the community. I hope you will enjoy and be informed at the same time.
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    Legal Question

    If it is public, then it is not prohibited. I only had a very small problem before because while taking a shot, I captured someone and complained. But after talking and clarifying things, it emded up well. :)
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    Music vs. Photography

    Music and photography are both interesting. I must say that the relevancy will depend on the preference of a person. One may affect the other and for me in a very positive way. I'm more inspired to take photos when there is a good music around.
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    Vintage Cameras as Stress Relief

    Hi, that's well and good to hear @WhaleDaughter that you focus and choose photography than drugs. I presume you love the arts very much and you are real creative. Welcome to the site! I'm excited to see some of your images soon. I must agree that cameras are a stress reliever.
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    For the management side

    Our manager is trying to find a software which is more focused on case management side and I'm assigned to research about it. He wants one that could help us with a good manufacturing process in ensuring compliance. There are many that are listed online but I want to know the one that is...
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    Suggestions on file formats for back and forth between LR & PS?

    They have a good tut here if you want to follow it. How to jump from Lightroom to Photoshop (and back again) - Laughing Lion Design - Learn Photoshop & Lightroom
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    Anyone else have performance issues with Lightroom?

    Maybe it's because of a Windows 10 update. Do you remember when the issue started? If you do, you should check if you got an update that day. Check the updates history.
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    Accepting credit card payments

    Okay, got that. I'll look into Square and TSys which was recommended by my friend who uses their credit card machines. And will look into PayPal as well. So many tips and suggestions! Thanks guys.