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  1. brianroe

    Sunset Beach C&Cs

    Thanks, here is a second edit. Better? ISO500 1/60 f4.0 for anyone interested.
  2. brianroe

    Sunset Beach C&Cs

    Thanks for the comments. I have other shots that are tighter framed. I preferred to include the palm tree on the upper right. Thought it added to the tropical ambiance. Not India no... This is an island in Panama :)
  3. brianroe

    Sunset Beach C&Cs

    Too dark? What do you think?
  4. brianroe

    other roses (4k if you click on the image)

    I like them. Especially 1 & 3.
  5. brianroe

    A hover fly...

    That is a beautiful photo. I too would be interested to know the settings, lens, etc.
  6. brianroe

    A couple of butterflies from Colombia

    I have a photo of one of those "89" butterfly. I didn't see the markings until I was going through the photos... pretty cool.
  7. brianroe

    Birds - Sendero Los Quetzales, Boquete, Panama

    I hiked the trail yesterday. Was a beautiful day. Started at the Cerro Punta side, 8,200' elevation. Hiked up some, then DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. To Boquete... First 1,2,3 C&C. Last a,b,c just some views from phone. 1. sparrow 2. 3. a. Workers in the fields on the way to the trailhead...
  8. brianroe

    Comparison - opinions please

    Left one for me. Looks much more natural.
  9. brianroe


    The sun is overexposed. Which is OK somewhat.. But, this seems like by a great amount. If I was shooting the sunset, I either wait for the sun to set or VERY nearly set. Or HDR.
  10. brianroe

    YOUR favorite/best image of 2015 goes here

    Lots of great images. I liked them all. I am pretty happy with this: Or Or Or
  11. brianroe

    Christmas Day moon rise WB? C&C

    VS I try to process photos to what I saw at the time of the shot. But, this has raised a question... I remember the moon being very yellow and orange... but, I like WB towards blue as well... Any votes on which one you think is better? Neither is cropped. This is the best shot of the moon...
  12. brianroe

    Tule Elk - North of Eureka, CA C&C Welcome!

    Tule Elk are still recovering from down to 2 (1 male and 1 female) in ~1873. There are now about 4,000 in California. I don't think hunting is allowed. That said I am an avid Rocky Mountain Elk and Mule Deer hunter :). But mostly for getting out in the woods and hiking. It has been a few years...
  13. brianroe

    Tule Elk - North of Eureka, CA C&C Welcome!

    There was a herd of elk next to US 101 when we drove by. I stopped and took some photos. I will be processing more as I go. This has been my favorite so far.
  14. brianroe

    Tacoma, WA - Point Defiance Rose Garden, C&C Welcome! Warning: Lots of flowers :)

    I have been busy with playing music and life... so haven't been on here for a while. I had a day off and spent the afternoon at the Point Defiance Park in Tacoma WA. The rose garden was amazing. I am posting the facebook link. I would upload them to my website, then post them here. But my...
  15. brianroe

    Photos from the Beach- CC Please!

    How abou this?
  16. brianroe

    Photos from the Beach- CC Please!

    I like the first one better as well. The clouds are over-exposed... But, I didn't notice it right away. The second might look better as a B & W.
  17. brianroe


    It is interesting, has good composition, nice use of DOF. I think it looks good.
  18. brianroe

    Sunrise Through Trifolium - C&C please

    Hi everyone, I took this yesterday. I am very pleased with how it turned out. What do you think? Taken with Canon XT and Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro
  19. brianroe

    c and c please, two of my favorites

    #1 is good. I like the composition and it makes me feel, a little dizzy :) #2 could be great. I like the subject. You already commented on clipping off the top of the lamp. That kills it. Other than that I like the composition. Did you use a tripod? The moon looks to have a slight camera shake...
  20. brianroe

    Pieces of the Greenhouse

    I like them all. The first is a little bulls-eye, but I think it pulls it off. Number 2 is the best one. I think I would have cropped the 3rd one like this, YMMV