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    Which lens to take?

    Where in Japan are you going, what are you going to be doing? If you're going to just be out in the wilderness, hiking or whatever, then the 16-35 is probably fine. If you're going to be in a city or somewhere with a lot of temples, I'd rather bring something that can zoom a little farther...
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    Nikon D 7200 freezing

    Ya know, mine (D7200 also) did this the other day, the first time after a year and a half of owning it. I took out the battery and popped it back in, it's been fine since. No idea what it was.
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    lens for surf photography (from beach)

    Sigma 150-600 Sport may be the best lens you could get for that price for over something over 300mm, IMO anyway. The Nikon 200-500 is nice too, falls off just a bit after 400mm though.
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    Instagram kind of sucks.

    IG can be a great way to get new people interested in you through others. For example, I used to shoot racing/drifting, and a lot of the people following me on IG and Facebook are from that. I've gotten a few sales that way too. That's harder to do with other genres, I will admit. I also agree...
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    These photos are taken at the same spot, the first on October 7th and the second the following weekend. This is after a hike up Gwanaksan, a 618m high mountain in southern Seoul, South Korea. From this view you can see Yeonjudae, a Buddhist temple, is built right on the edge of the mountain...
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    Camera Riding In My Motorcycle Saddlebags

    I always used to line my bags with a bath towel, just wrap the camera and toss it in. Had no issues at all, and that was on a Harley with way more vibration than yours.
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    Suggest good alternative travel bags similar to Lovepro 350 AW

    I have a Fastpack BP 250 AW II, love it. Has the exact same pocket/compartment system as the 350 IIRC, just a little smaller. I also have a ProTrekker 450 AW (way too big for your needs) and a Whistler BP 450 AW, probably still too big for you, but the Whistler 350 might be decent if you want...
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    What kinds of camera strap are you using?

    I also have the BR sling, but I actually rarely use it. Just recently ditched the factory Nikon strap and picked up this: Works well enough, and can just unclip it when I don't need it on there.
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    Help me find a solution for carrying my large telephoto!

    This. Seems simple and cheap, right? Is there a reason you're not doing this? Although that plate is just screwed on there with an allen key, right? Doesn't seem too hard to change them, but if you're swapping lenses a lot I could see how it could become a pain.
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    Shopping for a monopod for my D500 + 70-200mm

    I do not use a head with my monopod, I directly screw the pod into the mount. Monopods are made to be mobile, you can turn them any way you want to, so why would you need an extra head on top of that? Visit a local camera store, bring your camera, try one out. I think you'll find you have no...
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    First birds shots are mushy; need some help

    I did go back and throw these into Lightroom and quickly process them, they're not perfect but better. I've updated the OP with the edited photos, and left the old ones on Flickr for now if anyone's interested. @Derrel it didn't change a whole lot, though I could probably use some work with my...
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    First birds shots are mushy; need some help

    You only make it look easy because of the time and effort invested. While some may not see that, I sure do. Your stuff is definitely among the best out there. I know my fine tune is pretty good, that's the first thing I do with any lens. It has been a while with some international travel there...
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    First concert you ever attended...

    Garth Brooks, can't remember the year, but when he first got popular. I was young. I don't like country at all, but everyone likes Garth Brooks.
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    Baby Animals...Snow Leopard, Mtn Lion, Lynx

    Snow leopards are probably my favorite cat. Love these photos. Nicely done.
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    A Brown Bear Eating Berries

    That second shot is funny. Looks like he was posing for you! They are both great shots though, and as said before, you're pretty brave grabbing these with a 200mm.
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    Switched the camera back to bird mode.

    Great shots. That juvenile barely looks like it can fly!
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    Yellow Crowned Night Heron

    Nice shot. I like the curl of the wingtips.
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    The 500 Project.

    Great stuff! I like the theme idea.
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    "The Look" C&C

    Awesome shot! Good light, nice background, movement in the tires, you got it right.
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    First birds shots are mushy; need some help

    Yeah, ISO performance isn't spectacular on this. It's not terrible, awesome compared to even a few years ago, but there are still limits. I really can't decide if I want to upgrade to FX; much better ISO performance when I need it, but then there's the distance issue made worse. Can't win...